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As a sterile package is opened, the edges of the wrapper are considered sterile/unsterile
when in doubt about the sterilit of an item, consider it
Never turn your ___ to the sterile field
t/f Susceptibility refers to the weakened state of the body that allows the transmission of infections to have a higher impact
Pathogens or carriers of microorganisms spread via airborne contaminants or direct contact
T/F One potential area for contamination containment and prevention is at the surgical site.
T/F methods of infection prevention used before, during, and after surgery is referred to as the aseptic technique
T/F The OR is divided functionally by support services for surgery and the surgical site
T/F The anesthesia room is considered restricted
T/F The laboratory is considered unrestricted
List four sources of contamination in an OR
Respiratory tract
clothes and shoes
List 3 environmental sources of contamination
articles used in the would and on the sterile field
T/F contaminants can be transmitted through moisture in the air
T/F Articles used in the wound in a sterile field are potential sources of contaminants that can be transmitted directly to the patient's blod
T/F Perspiration that penetrates the gown are a potential source of contamination
T/F Smoke from a laser plume during an operation is a potential source of contamination
List the purposes of OR attire
Protection of self and others from disease and infection and
reduces the spread of infection and
create a protective barrier between personnel and patient
List the 4 purposes of the surgical scrub and or surgical had preparation
to make skin surgically sterile
remove dermis from hands and forearms
presence of microorganisms to absolute minimum
keep population of microorganisms to minimal during operation by suppression of growth
Describe two processes used to remove microbes from the skin
mechanical cleaning
chemical disinfection
T/F transient flora are organisms present on the epidermis which have been picked up through contact with other objects
T/F The subungual area under the fingernails is very difficult to clean and particularly prone to contamination
T/F Skin cannot be sterilized, but it can be made surgically clean by reducing the number of microbes
List in sequential order anatomical areas cleaned during a mechanical surgical scrub
Initial scrub should be how many minutes
10 minutes
subsequent scrubs should be generally how many minutes
3 to 5 minutes
Assisted gloving means
gloving by or for other personnel
The closed gloving refers to
technique which prevents outside of sleeves or gloves from touching the skin or hand, which are covered with the sleeves of the gown when gloves are put on
open gloving
is a technique generall used during a procedure when no gown is required
The first necessary step is to inspect any package for ____ and ____ that would indicate contamination
damage or wetness
When unfolding a gown, it is imperative not to allow gown sleeves to touch below ____
waist level
Gowns are sterile only from the
Chest to the waist level, including 2" above the elbow
T/F Gloves are removed after the contaminated gown is removed
This type of Steam Sterilizer (autoclave) relies on gravity to remove air from chamber as steam is injected into the chamber
Gravity - Air displacement sterilizer
This is a small version of the gravity air displacement sterilizer, because of its size it is capable of reaching higher temps
High Speed Pressure Sterilizer
this sterilizer pulls air out of chamber by a vacuum and steam is injected to replace it
Prevacuum (or high vacuum)
This sterilizer uses agitated water with detergent to loosen soil; then steam displaces the water and items are sterilized at 132 C 270 F for three minutes
How are microorganisms destroyed during steam sterilization
through a process of denaturation and coagulation of the enzyme-protein system within the cell
Steam sterilization is preferred to other methods because
It is least expensive and most efficient, safest method of processing heat, on moisture-stable items
Water is heated and converted to
Steam is submitted to increasing pressure which increases what
the temperature
Steam drives the heavier air out an escape valve at the
bottom of the chamber
Saturated steam permeates the material within the chamber and transfers
heat to the material
Items are sterilized according to
time, temp, pressure chart