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What happens to cause hypostatic pneumonia?
Stasis of secretions in the lung provide a medium for bacterial growth.
What is a side effect of venous stasis??
Thrombus formation
What is atelectasis?
Collapsed or airless part of the lung
Decreased muscle mass and muscle tension can lead to??
Fibrosis of connective tissue
Stasis of urine can lead to??
Precipitation of Calcium salts
Renal stones can lead to
What is dysuria??
Painful urination
What is ischemia??
Deficiency of blood to a part, bacause of circulation that is blocked for some reason.
How does normal movement assist in venous return??
Compression of muscles against the venous walls during muscle activity.
What does assess CSM mean??
Assess color, sensation, and movement
How do you help prevent ulcers?
Turn pt every 2 hours, keep linens smooth, use pressure relief devices.
What can you do for an elderly person that has anorexia?
Frequent small meals, have family bring in favorite foods, bedtime snacks
What is traction?
Application of a pulling force
As time goes on, in traction, the muscles tire and weight is ??
How should the traction weights be??
Swinging freely without touching bed or floor. Ropes must move freely through the pulleys.
What is skin traction?
A velcro boot, belt, halter or sling is applied to the skin, and the traction is attached to the appliance.
What is the maximum weight that can be applied as skin traction?
5 - 10 lbs
What is skeletal traction?
Pins, tongs, screws are wired to the bone, and traction is applied directly to the bone, which can support more weight than the skin.
What provides the countertraction force??
The weight of the patient, and the position of the bed.
What is the nurse responsible for, as far as traction is concerned?
Maintaining the correct weight and alignment of traction and maintaining a balance between traction pull and countertraction.
When are circulation checks performed when a patient is in skeletal traction?
Every hour for the first 24 hours, and every 4 hours thereafter.
When applying a cast, what is done first?
A layer of sockinette
What is done second when applying a cast?
A layer of cotton or synthetic padding
What will the patient feel when the cast is applied?
Dents in a cast can lead to what??
Circulatory impairment and pressure injuries
After applying a cast, what is it important to do?
elevate the affected part
What do you use to pad rough edges of a cast?
Cast condition should be checked how often?
Every 8 hours
What happens when someone puts small items inside of a cast?
Pressure necrosis
What is an air-fluidized bed?
tiny silicone beads within the bed under a flexible air-permeable filter sheet. Warmed air passes through the particles and they act as a fluid that suspends the patient.
It is effective in prevention of pressure injury.
What is a low air-loss bed??
Distributed air through multiple cushions connected in a series. Calibrated to provide pressure relief. Shear and friction reduced.
What is the continuous lateral-rotation bed?
Decreases lung collapse. Reduces risk of deep vein thrombosis. Programmed for the individual patient. Turns in an arc up to 80 degrees.
What is the CircOlectric bed??
Used for burn patients, bed can move in 360 degree arc. Not used much today.
What accessories aid in reduction of skin trauma from pressure??
foam and gel pads, sheepskin pads, heel and elbow protetors, gel or foam pads, pulsating air pads, water mattresses
What is a continuous passive motion machine??
Prevents contracture, muscle atrophy, venous stasis. Pain a problem. May need to medicate 1/2 hour prior to treatment.