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why is living organism a vital organism?
because it is powered by vital force which is the only acting force in the living organism
Living force is resident in the tissue units (individual cells)
Vital force maintains functional integrity, selects, rejects, assimilates, eliminates in order to maintain living matter
what constitutes a natural remedy?
natural substance that will assist Living force in restoring a normal state
why remedies are passive
they do not act upon a system
they only assist to restore normal state
we are giving helpful materials to vital force to act upon system and fight disease and restore balance
how sanative agents are used by vital organism
sanative (non-poisonous substances) have potential energy available for Vital force to use by absorbing remedial agents by bioplasm so that tissue can use them to transform them into vital energy
define health
health is normal functioning of a body
define disease according to the philosophy of this lesson
disease is a condtion where the tissue units are unable to function in a normal manner
how can the influence of an agent be directed to a given organ or a condition
remedies will have general influence, but used by Vital force where specially needed it can be combined with agents specially influencing the organ desired to assist
agent can be combined in a way that it will specially influence a given organ provided it be combined with some agent specially influencing the organ desired to assist
Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens) is almost pure stimulant
but combined with different agent will influence different
with cathartics will influence bowels
with uterine agenst will influence uterus
with Pleurisy root (Asclepias tuberosa) will assist in bringig good perspiration, while if the skin be lax, Capsicum will assist tonic agents in reducing a too free perspiration
herbal remedies - are they specific for dissease?
No -they are specific for a tissue conditions
what form of administration is most speedily absorbed by the system?
warm infusions are more redily absorbed
what is stimulant?
natural sanative substance capable of giving increased stimulus to the action or energy of the body
what is an infusion
infusion is preparation where boiling or sometimes cold water is poured over agent and then allow agent to infuse
what is decoction
decoction is made by boiling the agent in the water
fastes results will come from pills, capsules or liquid remedies?
liquid remedies will show results
more quickly