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Fund Code
Reimbursable Work
Fund Code
NSA Non-Aviation DLR
Fund Code
Consumable NSA Type Material
Fund Code
Passenger Vehicle Rental
Fund Code
NSA Type Equipment & Equipage
Civilian Personnel
NSA Consumables for ROV (Repair of Other Vessels)
NSA Repair Parts for ROV (Repair of Other Vessels)
Minor Construction Projects
($15,000 - $200,000)
ADP (automated data processing) & AIS (automated info systems) Equipment
Charter & Hire
Purchased Equipment Maintenance - Service Craft & Boats (Private)
TAD for Training
TAD for Crew Rotation & Deployment
Real Property Maintenance
Transportation of Things
TAD for Administrative - Essential/Critical
EMRM / NSA Type Repair Parts
Purchased Equipment Maintenance -
Service Craft & Boats (Public)
Other Purchased Services
Orders for Printing & Publications
Purchased Utilities
Maintenance of Real Property & Minor Construction
ADP, AIS or IRM (other than equipment)
NSA Type Aviation DLR for ROV (repair of other vessels)
NSA Type Non-Aviation DLR for ROV (repair of other vessels)
Hull & Structural Maintenance and Preservation
NSA Aviation DLR
Military Sealift Command Charter
Medical/Dental Material
Special Storage of Household Goods
Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants