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what part of neuron does Nissl stain stain
Nissl stain stains ribonucleic acids in nucleus (nucleolus), free polysomal ribosomes, and ribosomes associated with rough ER
What can Nissl stain reveal
Can reveal cytoarchitecture - relative size shape and pattern of cell distribution within nucleus
How does Nissl stain work
Neuron cell bodies have a lot of ribosomes while axons, dendrites and glial cells dont
Name common Nissl stains
cresyl violet and thionine
What does hematoxyllin-eosin stain red
eosin gives red color to acidophilic tissue components such as collagen, cytosol, musculature and erythrocytes
What does hematoxylin-eosin stain blue
basophillic tissue elements like acids
What can this stain help distinguish
H&E stains dead or dying neurons red because cytoplasm becomes more basic
What are myelin stains useful for
Myelin is usually white due to fatty content, staining turns it black or blue, useful for examining disruptions of fiber tracts or demyelination
Example of myelin stains
Weil myelin stain, Luxol fast blue stain
What does the Golgi stain stain
Golgi stain stains an entire neuron with all processes by impregnation with silver
What is the limitation of Golgi stain
Doesnt stain every neuron
Why electron microscopes have better resolution then light microscopes
EM uses electrons rather then light and electrons have shorter wavelength then photon, thus give better resolutiom
If you want to see where a neuron projects to, what type of tract tracing would you use
Anterograde tracers
If you want to see where projections originate from, what type of trac tracing would you use
Retrograde tracers
Why would one use ICC - immunocytochemistry
to localize molecules of neurotransmission
What does ICC use to recognize specifice proteins
antibodies from immune system
Explain how one can visualize speciific neuronal proteins
Protein (antigen) is injected into the animal,antibodies are made, serum with antibodies is isolated, another animal is perfused, brain is sectioned, sections are exposed to antibody solution, antibodies bind to sites that contain antigens, proteins are visualized with fluorescent tags