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External loads will improve engine idling speeds because the?
fuel systems requirements increase.
The primary difference between hydraulic and mechanical governors is the?
fuel control lever action
An increase in engine load for any spring setting of a constant-speed mechanical governor must be accompanied by a decrease in?
engine speed
What occurs in a hydraulic governor when there is a decrease in engine load?
pilot valves lift and power piston drops
A hydraulic governor without a compensating device will?
The characteristic introduced into a truly constant speed governor employed for controlling the speed of a paralleled engine is?
speed drop
A torque limiter prevents an engine from?
A governor that automatically stops an engine when too high a speed is attained is called?
overspeed trip
Whenever fuel oil is received aboard a ship, the oil king will obtain samples and test the contents for?
water and sediment
Why should fuel tanks on a ship be kept filled as close to 95% as possible?
maintain stability of the ship
A fuel tank may be entered only after it has been?
declared safe by a gas free engineer