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The two general types of solid fuel injection systems are the _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _.
Jerk pump

Common rail
A single metering device that delivers the appropriate amount of fuel to all injectors is used in the _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
cummins PT
What is the purpose of the high pressure pump in a modified common rail fuel injection system?
To maintain fuel at injector pressure in an accumulator bottle.
The only way to determine whether the bushing assembly of a unit injector has been damaged is to?
Dissasemble the injector, clean it. And inspect each part.
If lapped surfaces of a fuel pump plunger and barrel assembly are exposed to atmospheric dust.
the surfaced will?
Lapped surfaces of a pump and injector parts should be handled only after they have been?
Immersed in clean diesel fuel
What will likely cause external leakage of diesel fuel from pumps and injectors?
Broken springs
When cleaning a bosch fuel injection pump plunger, what should you do after rinsing it in fuel oil and blowing it dry?
Place mutton tallow on the plunger.
If the opening pressure of a GM unit injector nozzle is too high because of improper spring action, the malfunction can be corrected by?
Installing a new spring
Unit injectors are equalized by adjusting the?
Injector control rack
Unit injectors are all properly adjusted to the control tube when the?
Injector racks all have the same amount of tightness
What is the function of the variable speed mechanical governor?
control the amount of fuel for engine idle speed, limit max. no-load speed, hold the engine at a constant speed between idle and max.
Fuel injection pumps may be interchanged between a four and a six cylinder caterpiller diesel engine only if both engines have the same?
Cylinder bore and the entire pump assemblies are exchanged.
On the caterpiller diesel, Why are the marked teeth of the plunger gear placed so that they will engage with the marked teeth?
synchronize pump operation.