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How many fuel tanks does the aircraft have
How many fuel probes does the aircraft have
13 probes plus 1 low level sensor (660 lbs left)
Where is the fuel tank temperature taken from
Left tank
What type of fuel pumps are in each wing
1 primary ejector pump
1 AC electric pump
3 scavenge ejector pumps
1 DC Pump (rt tank only)
What is the primary ejector pump
Venturi pump with no moving parts and no electrical power used by the respective engine

Powered by engine motive flow
What is the purpose of the AC motor pumps
Back up for primary ejector pumps

Used during crossfeed

Used during engine start
What is the purpose of the DC motor pump
Used for APU start or engine start if AC power or the ACMP is not available
What is the purpose of the scavenge pumps
Maintain fuel level in the collector box
What pump is used once an engine is started
Associated primary ejector pump
What is the purpose of the collector box
Keeps the fuel pumps submerged

Ensures constant fuel flow to the engine
What is the surge/vent tank
Collects fuel during wing down maneuvers and returns it to the main tank once the wings are level

Equalizes tank pressure with the atmosphere in flight and during refueling
Can fuel be transferred from tank to tank or dumped overboard
What happens when the crossfeed is selected to low 1
Crossfeed valve is opened

# 2 ACMP turns on to provide fuel from the right tank to both engines
What is the only way to close the engine fuel SOV
Pull the associated engine fire extinguishing handle
When will the fuel 1(2) LOW LEVEL EICAS be presented
660 lbs of fuel remaining in the associated tank
What is the total fuel capacity
20935 lbs
What is the minimum fuel tank temperature
-40 C
What is the max fuel imbalance
794 lbs
When will the CAS message appear for a fuel imbalance
800 lbs
When will the CAS message for a fuel imbalance turn off
When within 100 lbs
How can the aircraft be refueld
Single point or over wing
What powers single point and over wing refueling
BATT 2 or DC Buses
How much fuel is contained in each tank
10392.5 lbs
How much fuel is unusable
75 lbs
What protects the fuel tank from over pressure
Pressure relief valve
How many fuel metering sticks per wing
What powers AC pump #1
What powers AC pump #2
How much time is left when the 660 low level message appears
Approximately 30 minutes
If the scavenge pumps failed and the fuel low level message appeared how much fuel would be available
3970 lbs
If the scavenge pumps failed could fuel still get into the collector bay
Yes, it would gravity feed
When will the AC Pumps come on
Primary ejector pump failure, crossfeed, engine start
How can the APU be supplied fuel from tank #1
Fuel in cross feed
Low 2 selected
What must be running for the aircraft to pressure defuel
APU running or external AC power and associated AC fuel pump ON and crossfeed to low 1 or 2
What amount of fuel would cause an amber fuel caution
1320 lbs
What fuel pumps are located in the collector bay
Primary ejector, ACMP, and DC pump for tank #2
What fuel pumps are located outside the collector bay
Scavenge pumps
How many water drain valves for fuel
2-Collect water by gravity
Can the airplane be defueled without APU/EXT power
Yes, via the HOT BAT BUS