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yang def confirming symptom
frequent urination but can't pee a lot... difficulty starting and stopping
yang def also called?

how does body look?
body fluid accumulation

puffy sudden drop in puffyness
other symptoms of yang def include?
hardly stay awake, pale complexion, aversion to cold, cold limbs, prefer quiet, no thirst, or thirst for warm
symptom of kd yang def?
copious clear urine, or sluggish urination
pulse for yang def
deep minute
tongue for kd yang def
pale flabby, thin wet coat like a dog
body fluid accumulation differentiation from yang def on tongue

def=no coating
treatment for yang def
warm yang (add chi and move chi in and out)
yang excess 4 degrees?
1. yang preponderance= 2x yin def
2. heat
3. fire
4. heat/fire toxin
confirming symptom of yang excess
restlesness (same as heat)
other symptoms of yang excess
fever with aversion to heat
red complexion and red eyes
thirst w/pref for cold
local symptoms of yang excess
local red swelling w/burning sensation
furuncle,carbuncle, pustules, abcess
yang excess tongue
red yellow coat- chi stage

crimson-blood stage
yang excess pulse
yang excess treatment principle
clear heat... if severe purge heat
clear heat execess =

purge heat of yang excess =
send chi down and out

send chi down and out through LI & ST
purposely creating loose stool
points for heat clearing for yang excess
spring points, LI 11 (clears heat eliminates damp, regulate chi, move blood), ST 44 (yang ming too)
points for purging heat for yang excess
GB 34, SJ 6 (Yuan travels in SJ)
how do you supplement or drain an organ
shu and mu
yin def aka
deficient heat
yin def confirming signs


red little coat

thin rapid
yin def confirming symptom
night sweats
yin def other symptoms 6
mylar flush
feverish sensation
tidal fever
dark scanty urine
yin def treatment
SP 6, every point in kd channel nourishes yin, REN 4
essence def confirming signs


pink with thin white coat

normal but kd deep and weak
essence def symptoms in adults
weak reproductive functions, pre, ED, infertility, tinnitus, loss of hearing, weak bone, osteoarth, osteoporosis, osteopenia, loose teeth
essence def treatment
ren 4-6, BL 23, GB 25

moxa line from umbilicus to pubic synthesis in winter