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responsible for emotional behavior and regulation
limbic system
-responsible for thinking, memory, and fantasy
-reponsible for sexual turn ons and offs
cerebral cortex
responsible for male erection, clitoral erection, and lubrication of genitals
parasympathetic NS (part of ANS)
-___ is associated with sexual desire in males and females
-men produce __ mg daily from the ___ and ___
-women produce ___mg, comes from __ and ___
-6 to 8, testes, adrenal glands
-.5, ovaries, adrenal gland
4 things that decrease sex drive:
1. castration
2. drugs
3. adrenal gland
4. oopheorectomy (removal of one or both ovaries)
-Masters and Johnson (1966) researched ___ ___ __, and found that male and female sexual response is ____
-4 phases of sexual response:
-human sexual response, bery similar
-1. excitement
2. plateau
3. orgasm
4. resolution
-____ is engorgement, erectile tissue swelling, and nipple erection and increased breast size
-___ is increased muscle tension, involuntary muscle contractions, facial tightness, and spasms
-during ____, physiological nad psyche ldea to vasocongestion.
-During this phase, what happens to women:
-during the phase, what happens to men:
-vaginal lubrication, swell and elongated clitoris, labia minora expand, uterus elevates, nipple erection, rosy flush
-penile erection, (3-8 seconds after stimulation), testes enlarge and elevate, nipple erection
-___ is the continuation of excitement, and has more pronounced signs: increased BP, breathing, etc
-men: testes increase 50-100%
-expansion of inner vagina, uterine wall becomes tented, clitoris swells and retracts, change in color of labia, vaginal opening will decrease and grip
-___ is the intense and highly pleasureable stage. It is the ____ phase of sexual response
-experience of orgasm is ___ for men and women
-orgasm, shortest
-almost the same
2 phases of ejaculation:
1. emission- semen collects
2. expulsion
men under ___ can have multiple orgasms without refractory period
___ phase is when the body returns to unaroused state
criticisms of M and J:
1. male centered
2. selection bias
3. other aspects are missing (desire, they had agenda)
____ sexual phases are used to identify, classify, and treat sexual functioning problems.
___ is motor disturbances due to prenatal or congenital, tremors, diffculty with speech...
-cerebral palsy
___ is autoimmune disease affecting the CNS. ____ AMericans are affected. Deterioration of _____
multiple sclerosis, 400,000, myelin sheath
-women with MS, have a loss of ____ and ___ and ___.
-Men with MS have loss of ____, reduced ____, ___ problems, and inability to ___.
-sexual interest, genital sensation, ability to orgasm
-sexual interest, penile sensation, ejaculation
-majority of spinal cord injuries are due to ____
-___ can causes erection in people with spinal cord injuries
-vehicle accidents
-MUSE (medical urethral system erection)
___ is scaley flaky patches on skin, and Gupta and Gupta (1997) indicated ___ of individuals had sexual problems due to this.
psoriasis, 40%
-__ and ___ is removal of colon.
-___ is bypass bladder
-colostomy, ileostomy
-__ chromosomes in each cell
-___ is the division of one cell into two
-__ is the process that reduces chromosomes by half
-females have ___ polar bodies in one ovum, each with 23 chromosomes. Men have __ sperm, each with 23 chromosomes.
-3, 4
-union of egg and sperm is ___
-each sperm and each ovum contain ___ sex chromosomes
-___ promotes development of a male, and so absense creates a female
-organizing effect is ___. activating effect is ___
-at ___ weeks, genital ridges develop
-TDF (testes determining factor)
-permanent, temporary
-4-6 weeks
-___ form within first 2 months of pregnancy
-if Y chromosome is present, testis will develop, and ___ will secrete testosterone
-the presence or absense of ___ is what determines male of female traits
-interstitial cells
-___ are intially present in all embryos and have potential to develop into either sex.
-__ are not necessary for females
-__ and ___ are necessary to ensure male sex hormones.
-testosterone induces ___ to develop male sex organs
-genital ducts
-testosterone, Mullerian inhibiting hormones
-Wolfian ducts
-differentiation in external genitals begins after __ week. Complete after ___ week.
-testosterone produces:
-lack of testosterone:
-6th week
-12th week
-prostate, cowper's gland, scrotum, penis, urethral tube
-clitoris, vagina, labia
-boys use speech as __ and a way to ____ (___)
-girls use speech as way to ____ and to ____
-domination, transfer info (rapport)
-share info, strengthen ties
-____ is a mental organization network that guides categorizations, behaviors, etc in terms of gender
-_____ says that gender roles develop by rewards and punishments and modeling
-gender schema theory
-social cognitive theory
-____ desire to dress as opposite sex
-majority are ___
-used to be called ___
-cross dresser
-heterosexual men
-___ are androgynous, have various roles, no desire to change sex, most people are happy with their role
-___ desire to change sex
-___ is a disorder in the DSM in which the person feels as if they are in the wrong body.
-male to female surgery is called _____
-gender identity disorder
-____ molds the sexual development of children
-parents reactions
-___ is someone who has both ovaries and testis
-____ (aka intersex)is when genitals match sex chromosomes but also resemble those of other sex
-____ is an XY female.
-in this case, ____ produce ___, and there is no ____, but usually external genitals appear female
-androgen insensitivity syndrome
-testes, testosterone, uterus
-___ is when XX fetus has enlargement of clitoris. External penis with internal femal organs
-pregnancy is possible
-also have ____
-adrenal hyperplasia
-secondary sex characteristics
-____ is when there is sterility because of only one X.
-one in ____ births has this
-affects ____ and causes _____. They are often ____
-Turner's Syndrome
-women, no period, short in height
-____ only affects females....mental retardation increases as ____ increases
-XXX, x's increase
-___ is when internal and external genitals are male, but they do not produce sperm, their testes are underdeveloped, enlarged breasts, low sex drive, XXY male
Klinefelter's Syndrome
-___ has normal sex organs and development but decreased sperm production, increased physical growth, increased learning problems
-puberty is ___ in girls and ___ in boys
-___ and ___ start the process of puberty
-9 to 13, 11 to 12
-hypothalamus and pituitary gland
-Puberty for males:
-Puberty for females:
-increased testes/penis
pubic hair
voice change
max growth
armpit hair
drastic voice change
facial hair
-breat development
-pubic hair
-armpit hair
-height/hip growth
-____ are the expectations, activities, and preferences associated with woman or man.
gener roles
by ___, children have developed consistency with respect to gender
1st grade
___ is the first ejaculation in a male. ___ is the first period in a female
-permarche, menarche
-____ can change over time
-____ saw sexual orientation as a continuum
-sexual orientation
___ is the 3rd leading cause of death among adolescents
____ and ___ have had more sex by adolescence
hispanic and AA
-average age of 1st pregnancy is ___. In 1970 is was ___
-number of births to unmarried women peaked in ___
-26, 21
-___ is the number one reason teens drop out of school
-babies use about ___ diapers a month at __ cents
-300, .40
-approximately ___% of people cohabitate at some point
-people who cohabitate:
-less happy and committed, less likely to marry, more likely to divorce, lower levels of happiness
-___ is the number one thing in picking a partner
-1 in __ high school students report some kind of dating abuse
-1 in 3
-___% of abusive relationships are men abusing women
-__% of women report being abused at some time
-there are __ to ___ incidents a year
-___ women killed each year
-costs __ to __ a year
-900,000 to 4 million
-5-10 billion
warning signs of abusive relationship:
extreme jealousy
controlling behavior
quick involvement
unpredictable mood swings
alcohol and drug use
explosive anger
isolates you from friends and family
uses force during an argument
-___% of men and __% of women were unfaithful
-____ affair is to avoid conflict
-____ affair wants to avoid with partner
-____ is constantly feeling the need to have sex
-____ affair is usually long term but refuse to leave life partner
-___ affiar is last straw, means to an end
-21, 11
-conflict avoidant
-intimacy avoidant
-compulsive sexual behavior
-out the door
-highest divorce rates are ___ for women
-highest divorce rates are ___ for men
-first marriage averages __ years
-15 to 19
-20 to 24
-divorce among 35 to 53 year olds ___% for women, __% for men
-26, 29
___ is the change that middle age people experience in their hormones
-male climacteric consists of decrease in ____, decrease in ____, increase in ____, increase in ____
-female climacteric includes ____, drop in ___ and ___, reduced ___
-testosterone, sexual desire, refractory period, anxiety
-menopause, estrogen and progesterone, elasticity
-___% of population will be older adults by 2040
-___ reported incidents a year of child sexual abuse
-____ identity is how you fit into the world
-____ identity is where you will be in adulthood
-___% of all teen rapes are someone they know
-___% fewer condom use among teens
-___% of managers actually married someone after dating at work
Hormones that promote the development of male or malelike sexual structures and characteristics
An incision made in the perineum during childbirth to enlarge the vaginal opening to ease delivery
3 phases to Kaplans sexual phases:
1. desire (subjective experience to arousal)
2. excitement (physiological changes including myotonia and vasocongestion)
3. orgasm (rapid loss of myotonia and vasocongestion)
-___% of women have never reached orgasm
-___ have greater variability in sexual response
-4 to 10%
some aphrodisiacs:
-oysters (zinc....aids in lubrication and sperm production)
-sexual dysfunction is indicated if a person is ___
-___ is very painful sex, usually in women
-____ is when women can't get orgasm
-female orgasmic disorder
-___ is when females can't get aroused, lack of lubrication
-___ people strongly associated with other genders
-____ is decreased desire, higher among women
-female sexual arousal disorder
-gender identity disorder
-hypoactive sexual desire
-___ is problem with maintaining and sustaining erection
-____ is problems with orgasm or ejaculation
-nale erectile disorder (ED)
-male orgasmic disorder
-___is taking away performance anxiety
-____ is climaxing too soon
-___ is extreme repulsion to sex
-sensate focus
-premature ej
-sexual aversion disorder
-____ is when vagina closes to the point of no penetration
-___ are sex educators, counselors, and therapists
-___ are marriage and fam therapists
-American academy of clinical sexologists
-___ tablets of Viagra are dispense worldwide every second
-___ increases bloodflow
-___ works quickly for 36 hours
-___ is based on cultural perceptions
-premature ej in US is ___
-___ is idea in SE Asia that your genitals can shrink up and go in your body and cause you to die
-5 to 10 minutes
-__% of men and __% of women fantasize at least once a day
-men masturbate __x more than women
-___% of men and __% of women masturbate regularly
-54%, 19%
-81, 72
-women tend to masturbate after ___
-__% of all people kiss before 14
-average person will spend __ minutes kissing
-burn __ cal min kissing
-first intercourse
-___ is oral sex performed on a man (most common activity among prostitute and client)
-___ is oral sex on women
least likely to participate in oral sex:
-lower ed
-AA ethnicity
-over 50
-___ of men and __ of women have had anal sex
-___ sex is less common than __ in gay males
-1/4, 1/5
-anal, oral
-___ are sex toys made of silicone
-leading cause of death in US:
1. heart disease
2. cancer
-warning signs for cardiovascular disease in men:
-Warning signs for women:
-persistent chest pain, denial, shortness of breath, swating, fatigue, general ill feeling
-abdominal pain, radiating pain, difficulty breathing, avoid getting help, often misdiagnosed
-various forms of cancer for men:
-cancers for women:
-prostate, colon, bladder, rectum
-vaginal, uterine, ovarian, cervical, breast
-arthritis affects lives of ___ million Americans
-___ affects sexual parts
-7 mill
-does not
-___ is acceptable for women with diabetes
-_____ bans discrimination on disability
-Americans with disabilities act
-people with ____ have problems with painful intercourse
disabilities affecting sexuality:
1. sensory impairment
2. cerebral palsy
3. multile sclerosis
4. spinal cord injury
5. psychiatric problems
6. developmental disability