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-____ vs ____ allowed single individuals rights to contraception
-___ vs ___ gave women right to privacy
-Eisenstadt vs Baird
-Roe vs. Wade
-ovulation occurs __ days before menstruation
-sperm is viable for __ days
-ovum degenerates __ days if fertilization does not occur
-12 to 16 days
-2 to 3 days
-1 to 2
___ method of BC, you subtract ___ from the shortest cycle, and that will be the first ____. Then subtract ___ days from the longest cycle, that will be the last ____.
calendar, 18 days, fertile day, 11 days, fertile day
-____ is the decrease in temp before ovulation
-____ ___ method is when the musuc of the cervix is clear, slippery, and stretchy...peak day indicates ovulation will occur next day
-basal body temperature
-cervical mucus
____ is the combination of any two non-hormonal methods
-rythym method has a ___% failure rate
-failure rate of withdrawal is ____%
-typical failure rate of condom is ___. perfect failure is ___.
-# 1 reason for breakage of condoms is ____
-12, 3
-lack of lubrication
-failure rate of female condom __, perfect rate ___
-21%, 5%
-___ can be inserted up to 6 hours prior to intercourse
-about __% of women use it
-must leave in ___ after intercourse
-6-8 hrs
____ provides protection for 48 hrs
-typical parous rate __%, perfect __%
-typical nulliparous rate __%, perfect __%
-cervical cap
-36%, 26%
-18%, 9%
-failure rate of spermicides is ___, perfect rate is ___
-21%, 6%
-___ is a small device inserted into the uterus, lasts 2-10 years. It changes the cervical mucus and lining of uterus
intrauterine device
-___ is progestin and is replaced every __ to __ months
-typical failure __%, perfect __%
-2%, 1.5%
-____ is long term (8-10 years), blocks sperm and ovulation
-typical __%, perfect __%
-has a risk for ___ and ___
-copper T
-.8%, .6%
-ectopic pregnacy, PID
___ is a ring that releases progestin and estrogen, inserted for 3 weeks at a time, __% effective
-nuva ring, 98-99%
___ has estimated __% perfect use. Works the same as the pill
patch, 1%
-___ is the most popular contraceptive in the U.S.
-synthetic ____ inhibits ovulation and degenerates the ____
-synthetic ____ thickens cervical mucus, inhibits ___, and thins the lining of the uterus
-majority of side effects are associated with ___
-__% typical, __% perfect
-combination oral contraceptives
-estrogen, corpus luteum
-progesterone, ovulation
-3%, .1%
-___ is 99% effective but is currently recalled. EX: _____
-birth control shot, lunelle
-____ are not different than ECPs, it's just birth control taken in high doses, does not interrupt current pregnancy, must be taken within ____ of unprotected intercourse
-emergency contraceptives, 72 hours
-___ can prevent fertilization, stop implantation, or inhibit ovulation. Redudes risk of pregnancy by ___%.
ECP, 89%
-some examples of ___-only contraceptives
-__% typical, __% perfect
-progestin-only, mini pill, norplant, depoprovera
-3%, .5%
-___ are small tubes inserted into upper arm that provide a steady low level release of progesterone
-can be left in for up to ____
-__% failure rate
-5 years
-___ is a progestin only injection.
-___ is incision to interrupt fallopian tube, __% failure rate
-tubal sterilization, .4%
-___ is cutting and tying the vas deferens, __% failure rate
-vasectomy, .1%
-___ started research on animals
-___ started interest in birth control
-___ was a Roman Catholic, physician, gynocologist
-___ was the first company to produce birth control pills in ___
-Searle, 1960
-___ is pregnancy-induced hypertension, causes swelling and protein in urine
-__% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, usually before __ weeks
-10-20%, 12 weeks
-ways for genetic screening
-amniocentesis- drain off some of the amnionic fluid, chorionic villus sampling (first trimester), ultrasound (look at heart rate, looks for visual problems), alpha-fetoprotein (blood sample from mother)
-___ natural child birth is more comprehensive, recommended for first time mothers, conflicts with medical personnel, wants to give control to woman
-___ tries to distract mother with breathing exercises
-___ childbirth is labor controlled by professionals, ___ starts contraction
managed, pitocin
-____ reduces pain, include __ and ___, can cross placenta and affect baby
-analgensics, narcotics, nubain
-____ use needle inserted into spinal column. Reduces pain immediately
-___ is most common procedure, lose feeling in legs
-_____ only affects abdominal muscles, __% of women use this
-combined spinal epidural, 60
-first stage of labor is ___ hours, mild contractions __ to __ min apart
-8 to 18 hours, 10 to 20 min
-late 1st stage, cervix is ___, contractions are longest and most intense, last ___ seconds and only __ minutes apart
-water breaks, hardest and most uncomforable, usually short ___ min
-complete dialated, 60 to 90 seconds, 2 to 3 minutes
-30 to 60 min
-second stage of labor is ____
-___ is baby's head emerging
-____ is incision from vagina down toward anus, helps get baby out
-__ minutes
-delivery of baby
-20 to 50 min
-Third stage is _____
-__ minutes total
-____ helps contract the uterus, and contracting the uterus is a must, there can be a great loss of blood if not
-delivery of placenta
-10 minutes
-breast feeding
-C-section is performed in ___ of ___ deliveries in US.
-low birth weight is considered below ___
-pre-term is birth before ___ weeks after LMP
-__% of all low birth weights are because of preterm
-1 in 5
-5.8 pounds
-40 weeks
reasons for low birthweight babies
1. poverty
2. race/ethnicity
3. AA have smaller babies
4. women over ___ have smaller babies
5. multiple births
6. medical conditions
-_____ is when placenta partiall or fully covers cervix, and so it is delivered before the baby
-under __% have this
-placenta previa
-____ is life threatening for baby, it's when the placenta has torn away from the uterine wall
-under __% of pregnancies
-placenta abruptio
-___ is the inability to conceive after 1 year
-about __% of reproductive age in US
-____% are caused by Chlamydia or Gonorrhea
-male infertility count for about ___% of infertility cases
-female infertility can be caused by:
-scar tissue, endo, extreme obesity, eating disorders, poor health
-combined infertility can be because of:
-account for __% of cases
-immune response to sperm, lack of knowledge, timing of intercourse, delaying pregnancy
-____ are drugs that stimulate ovaries to produce follicles and ovulate
-Clomid, Pergonal, Serophane
-___ is when eggs are harvested and fertilized on a lab, and embryos are then transferred to uterus.
-___ is when sperm and unfertilized eggs are placed in fallopian tubes
-____ is when eggs are harvested and placed in fallopian tubes
-Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer
-Tubal Ovum transfer
-____ is when frozen sperm are inserted directly into the uterus
-__% of pregnancy
-Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
-5 to 20%
-___ is tubal embryo transfer, the eggs are removed and fertilized, then implanted in fallopian tube, it is a combination of IVF and GIFT
-___ is sperm placed in cervix
-ICI (Intracervical insemination)
-types of sperm: ___, ___ (all semen together), ___ (washed and put in sterile solution), ___ (wash and eliminate fluid-isolate sperm)
-frozen, neat, prepared, washed
-____ is when fertilized donor egg is transfered
-____ is from donated eggs or frozen
-it is possible to freeze __
-embryo lavage
-postmenopausal pregnancy
-unfertilized eggs
-___ is inserting one sperm into egg
-____ mother carries a child for someone else
-___ account for under 10% of adoptions
-transracial adoptions
-___ is a sense of sexual or psyche disturbance or illness hat must be repetitive use of unusual behavior, and it must cause problems in everyday life to be considered diagnosable
-___ is exposure of genitalia to a stranger
-___ are obscene phone calls
-___ is when someone observes a stranger undressing, etc without them knowing
-scatologia (form of exhibitionism)
-___ is when a certain object is required for arousal
-___ is when someone rubs against someone else non-consenting
-types of fetishes:
-transvestic (women's clothing), partialism (specific body parts)
-_____ does not include cross dressing in gender identity
-____ are behaviors involving prepubescent children
-must be at least ___ to be diagnosed
-transvestic fetishism
-types of pedophilia:
-__% commit first act before 16
-exclusive (only relate to children), non-exclusive (relate to adults and children), regressed (prefer girls and associate w/ them as adults), fixated (refer boys and relate to one another)
-sexual gratification by inflicting pain on others is ____
-it's about ___ of the other individual
-____ is humilation, beating, bondage, or suffering
other paraphilias:
-__: being treated as infant
-__: sexual arousal associated with enemas
-__: corpse
-__: tattoo
-__: filth/dirt
-meds for parafilia:
-antidepressants and depo-provera
-__% of rapes are known to people
-only about __% of rapes are reported
-__% of college females report
-___ is sex with someone under age, varies from 12-16
-statatory rape
-3 types of rapists:
1. anger (abour retaliation, revenge, unplanned, physically violent)
2. power (majority, minimal physical violence)
3. sadistic (violent, thought out, well-planned, ritualistic)
-the rape kit is performed by ____
-____ is sexual coercion in situations of unequal power
-4 types of sexual harrassment
-sexual harrassment
-1. quid pro quo (sexual favors for promotion)
2. hostile environment
3. aggressive acts (unwanted sexual advances)
4. 3rd party effects (other people are affected)
-____ adult videos are produced each year, ___ billion $ annually
-child porn made a crime in ___
-2400, 3 bill
-prostitution is _____
-there is a ____ of prostitution that is repealing laws against sex for exchange
-characteristics of a prostitute:
-abuse in family at early age, running away, alcohol and drug use, often viewed as deviant
__% of high school use alcohol (presentation)
-___% of pregnancies end in miscarriage (majority by 12th week)
-__% of pregnancies are elective abortion
-___ blocks progesterone and the lining starts to break down
-____ causes uterus to contract and expel, can be used up to __ days after last period, __% effective
-misoprostol, 63, 96-97%
-__ is 99% of all abortions in the US
-dialation of cervix and insertion of suction cup, performed up to ___ week of pregnancy
-vacuum aspiration
-14 week
-___ and ___ is where the cervix is dialated and the tissue is scraped and removed
-____ is removal of fetus parts by scraping forcepts for second trimester
-dilation and curettage
-dilation evacuation
-___ is performed in the second trimester where you remove fetus then make abdominal incision
-__% of pregnancies are unplanned
-___ is # 1 fetal teratogen
-__ sperm reach ovum within 6 hours of ejaculation
-___ stage is from week 2-8. referred to as ____.
-___ is released from blastocyst
-blastocyst develops inner __ and outer ___, which will form ___
-embryonic stage, embryo
-amnion, chorion, placenta
-___ exchanges nutrients, gas, and waste
-blood test will detect ___ within __ weeks of conception
-urine test is ___ weeks
-hCG, 2
-4 to 5 weeks
-fetal heartbeat is __x that of adult
-fetal movement at __ months
-to figure out due date, take first day of last menstrual period (LMP), add ___ days, minus __ months, plus __ years
-7 days, 3 months, 1
-pregnancy lasts ___ weeks
-___ week, brain, spinal cord, throat, NS are developing, heart is pumping
-__ week, appears human, testicles, slight movement, visible legs, ears, nose
-40 weeks
-___ week fetus moves easily, all major organs form with limited function, genitals recognizable
-During ____, there is secretion of colostrum, women begin to show, and symptoms disappear, skin covered with hair
-12th week
-second trimester
-weight gain is __ lbs in 3rd trimester
-10 lbs
head is positioned downward is __ trimester
8th week, baby is ___mm long, 4th week, ___mm
5mm, 1mm