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Economic Order Quantity
balances ordering costs and inventory holding costs to deteremine size and frequency of orders - requires computer assistance
costing of inventory - FIFO
uses most recent prices
costing of inventory - LIFO
uses price of oldest stock
costing of inventory - latest purchase price
fastest and simplest to use
forecasting involves
moveable avg / time series
regression analysis
subjective forecasting
ingrediet and cost controls
ingredient room saves money
standardized recipes give quality
conduction heat transer system
transfer through direct contact (grilling, broiling, frying)
convection heat transfer system
heated by movement of liquid or vapor (convection ovens, steamer fans, rotatry oven)
radiation heat transfer system
infrared, microwave
induction heat transfer system
uses electrical magnetic fields to excilt molecules of metal on cooking surfaces (widely used in Japan - no open flame)
nutrient value maintained by controlling
pre-prep time
cooking time
cooking temp
exposure to H2O
moist heat cooking
steam jacketed kettle, tilting frying pan, pressurerless convection steamer, COMBINATION CONVECTION OVEN/STEAMER
dry heat cooking
range oven, deck oven, charbroiler, grill, clamshells, deep fat frying, pressure fryer, COMBINATION CONVECTION OVEN/STEAMER
wall mounted equipment that makes floor cleaning easier
begin when equipment is delivered (unless negotiated differently)
become void if maintenace staff is not properly trained before performing service or repair