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Why Prenatal Development is important
events that happen prior to and throughout pregnancy as well as during childhood. Have a great impact on health and well being of adults (266 Days)
Periods of Prenatal Development
-germinal period(1st 2 weeks)
-embryonic Period(2-8 weeks)
-fetal period(2 mo. after conception till birth)
The three Trimesters of Prenatal Development
-1st (Germinal and embryonic)
-2nd (fetal)
any agent that causes birth defects (baby not totally immune to outside world)
Severity of damage to the unborn depends on
-time of exposure
-genetic susceptibility
Examples of Teratogen
-infectious disease
Abnormalities of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
-facial deformities
-defective limbs, face, heart
-most below avg intelligence
-mental retardation
Maternal smoking can cause
-respiratory problems
-SIDS (Sudden infant death S)
-ADHD (Attention Defecit...)
Prenatal Care
health care services during pregnancy/comprehensive educational
Parts of the embryo
INNER LAYER (endoderm)
OUTER LAYER (ectoderm, mesoderm)
fetal fibronectin
swab from vagina (good negative predictive value)
stopping contractions
3 stages of delivery
-1st (onset of labor until completely dilated)
-2nd (complete dilation until delivery of fetus)
-3rd (delivery of fetus until delivery of placenta)
acid levels in the blood