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Flight Standard District Office
Define Airworthy?
certain aircraft is able to fly, checked out by mechanics, and FAA.
When was the FAA formed?
When was the Department of Transportation Formed?
Who was given responsiblity for accident investigation?
What Reg. covers Accident Reporting?
NTSB 830
What is a ATA SPEC.?
Organizing Maintenance Manuals
Amount of hours a Aircraft has from takeoff to landing(no taxiing)
Define: Aircraft?
Anything that is airworthy and has A&P appared for flight.
Define: Approved?
FAA must check out any aircraft to make sure its Airworthy.
Large Aircraft means?
Aircraft that is larger than 12,500lbs.
Define Maintenance?
Maintaining aircrafts, includes re-fueling etc.
Who is responsible to keep current of Regulations?
FAA, NTSB,A&P, everyone
Airframe includes:
fuselage,cowlings,, airfoil surfaces, landing gear and there accesories and controls.
Are Airworthiness Directives mandatory?
YES, FAA requires them.