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the little boy
a good boy
is about me
then you give
was to come
old and new
what we know
`that old man
in and out
not up here
good for you
up and down
with his cat
it was new
work on it
can come here
they will go
are so long
three of them
before this one
your little boy
as long as
but not me
be here again
have been good
he is it
I can go
they are here
one by one
good and wet
came with me
about a dog
had a hat
if you come
some good candy
up and down
her green hat
say and do
when they come
so I went
my little house
very good girl
all around
would you like
any good book
have you been
we are out
here and there
from my mother
a nice day
to go home
see the dog
then they went
look at us
yes and no
play with him
by the house
he was going
come to me
get the cat