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This airline carried 87 million passengers.
Executives from the original Frontier gave Frontier a fresh start!
July 5, 1994
Launch date of the new Frontier airlines.
How many employees did the new airline have at launch date?
180 employees
What type of aircraft, and how many?
2 Boeing 737-200s
Where did the fly?
Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks and Minot, North Dakota
Which airline scaled back for this opportunity of new growth?
FEBRUARY 8, 1994
Became a corporation: Frontier Airlines
MARCH 15, 1994
Headquarters office opened with 22 staff members
JUNE 9, 1994
The booking of very first passenger reservation
MARCH 21, 1996
Frontier boards 1-millionth passenger
MARCH 31, 1997
Record revenues of over $100 million, qualifies us as a 'national' carrier
MARCH 30, 1999
Named "Best Domestic Low-Fare Carrier" by Entrepreneur Magazine
JUNE 2, 1999
First profitable year in our history. Frontier distributes performance bonus checks to eligible employees
JULY 5, 1999
5th anniversary, have carried 5.8 million passengers, now with 1,700 employees
OCTOBER 15, 1999
Letter of Intent to purchase Airbus A318, A319
MAY 15, 2000
Unveiling of newly designed website
JANUARY 29, 2001
Unveiling of our new 'livery' on aircraft tails. Designed by Genesis Inc.
FEBRUARY 1, 2001
Launch of mileage program: Early Returns. Free trip at 15,000 miles
JUNE 6, 2001
Accept delivery of our first Airbus
Fortune magazine ranks Frontier as 41st on its 100 Fastest Growing Companies list
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
Temporarily cease operations during a nationwide, three day ground stop as result of terrorist attackes. Resumed operations Sept 4th
APRIL 1, 2002
Frontier appoints Jeff Potter as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Samuel Addoms retires, retaining Chairman title
OCTOBER 9, 2002
Sign a purchase and services agreement with LiveTV to bring DIRECTV to our fleet
DECEMBER 20, 2002
First international service begins to CUN
MAY 12, 2003
Launch new ad-campaign 'A WHOLE DIFFERENT ANIMAL"
More affordable, flexible, accomodating, comfortable
AUGUST 27, 2003
Launch FlexCheck = automated checkin services
10th anniversary 2005
24.7 million passengers since 1994, with 4,500 employees
OCTOBER 5, 2005
ColoradoBIZ magazine recognizes Jeff Potter as 'CEO of the Year'