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Where do most seeds begin?
Inside flowers and plants.
What is pollination?
When pollen lands on the sstigma at the top of the pistil of a flower like itself.
What are two ways pollen is spread?
Bees and hummingbirds.
What part of the flower receives pollen?
The pistil.
What happens when pollen from a flower lands on the pistil of the same kind of flower?
It grows a long tube through the pistil into an ovule. This is the beginning of a seed.
WHy might a seed need to be protected?
Because animals will eat it if it is not protected.
What are four ways seeds spread?
Birds, sreams, rivers, ocean
What are the three parts of a seed?
Beginning of a plant, seed coat, and food.
What is germination?
The seed begins to grow.
What is the first thing a seed needs to sprout?
Dirt (soil)
What do leaves use to make food for a plant?
Water and minerals from the soil, sunlight, and the air around the plant.
What is a bud?
How does a seed become a plant?