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1783 Treaty of Paris
Lang aquired by treaty
Defeated British suurrender all claims to land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River
to add to an existing country or other area
1853 Gadsen Purchase
Land aquired by purchase
US purchase land from Mexico,completes southern border of US
Manifes destiney
The idea that it was the nation's destiney to expand across the continent to the Pacific Ocean.
1845 Texas Annexation
Land aquired by annexation
U.S. congress vote to add Texas to the boundries of US
Mexico declares war on the US
1803 Lousiana Purchase
Land aquired by purchase
France sold the land from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains to the US for 15 million dollars
1819 Adams-Onis Treaty
Land aquired by treaty
Spain forced to surrende Florida because they were unable to control the free blacks&seminole Indians from rading the ordering southern states.
1818 Convention of 1818
Land aguired by treaty
Britian Cedes this land to the US as result of their defeat in the War of 1812
1867 Sewards Folly
Land aquired by purchase
American Secratery of State William Seward arranges to buy Alaska from Russia
1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Land aquired by war
Mexicos defeat in the Mexican war forces them to accept the rio grande river as the southern boreder of US
Mexico cedes California Nevada Utah&parts of other Us states
1846 Treaty of Oregon
Land aquired by treaty
Britian agrees to cede the land Souith of the 49th parrallel to avoid war with the US.
Us folloes the policy of "manifet destiney"
1776 American Independence
Land aquired by war
13 former British colonies declare themselves free from England
They form together to create the USA
the physical features of a place or region drawn or greatly described.
a person who first enters or settles a region
a giving up or yeilding to another
1898 Hawaiian Annexation
Land aquired by Annexation
Us marines land in Hawaii to protect American planters
planters overthrow the Queen of Hawaii&to set up a Republic
The new rupublic asks to be annexed