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What color is a stop sign
Conscious Mind is?
What you are aware of at any given time.
Preconscious Mind is?
Anything that can be made conscious. Work closely with Conscious.
Unconscious mind is?
All things that are not easily available to awareness.
Freud says our unconscious mind is the source of what?
everything from simplest desires like sex and food to our lifes motivations.
Freud says the Id is what?
original system of personality. never matures, unconscious, pleasure principle. Our basic needs.
Freud says Ego is what?
Governs and controls personality. controls consciousness, reality principle.
Freud says the Super Ego is what?
Our moral code. evaluates good vs bad. right or worng
Freud says behavior is driven by what?
Life instincts or libido.
Freud says there is how many forms of Anxiety?
Three. Realistic, Moral, and Neorotic
Realistic Anxiety is?
Fear - threat of snakes
Moral Anxiety is?
What we fear from internalized super ego - shame or guilt
Neurotic Anxiety is?
Overwhelmed by the Id. Lose control of temper mind etc
Freud says the minds system of blocking and distorting anxiety is?
The Ego Defense Mechanisms
Denial is?
Blocking anxiety from awareness by refu7sing to accpet it.
Repression is?
Gorgetting, not being able to recall an anxiety event.
Freud says reaction formation is what?
Express opposite of impulse Ex.

Act loving when hates
Freud says projection is what?
desires and impulses are possed by others not by me
Freud says displacement is what?
Discharge of impulses. Mad at boss yell at dog.
Freud says rationalization is what?
the manufacture of good reasons to explain bruised ego.
Freud says sublimation is what?
diverting sexual energy into other channels ex. agression into sports
Freuad says regression is what?
Going back to earlier phase of development
Freud says introjection is what?
Identifying with anothers anxiety and taking it on.
Freud says identification is what?
Identifying with success to cover failures
Freud says compensation is what?
Developing traits or strengths to cover for weakness or limitations
Freuds oral stages is when?
0-12months focusing on pleasure, the mouth, sucking, biting
Freuds anal Stage is when?
1-3 years Pleasure is in the anus. learning independence and control of body
Freuds phallic stage is when?
3-6 years incestuous desires. Male loves mom girl loves dad
Freuds latent stage is when?
6-12 years sexual interest replaced by interest in school and playmates. Socialization is key.
Freuds genital stage is when?
12-18 years phallic stages are revived begininng in puberty friendships preparing for career sports etc.
Freuds continuation of genital stage is?
free from parental influences. move to adulthood.
What is Freuds analytical framework?
Attempt to minimize departures from therapys consistent pattern. Missed appts, vacations etc.
What is Freuds free association
Client flows with any thoughts or feelings and reports them to therapist immediately without censorship.
What is Freuds interpratation?
It is when therapist analyzis explains and even teaches the client the meaning of behaviors manifested oin free association/dreams
What is Freuds dream analysis?
Gives client insight to unrespolved problems and unconscious matter.
What is Freuds latent content?
Hidden sybolic unconscious motives or wishes.
What is Freuds Manifest content?
mind manifests unacceptable latent content into manageable manifest content. Easy to accept.
Freuad says resistance is what?
Anything that works against the therapy process preventing the client to work the unconscious. Attitude, feeling, or action
Freud says confrontation is what?
Therapist identifies to the patient occurence of experiences that are subject to analysis.
Freud says clarification is what?
Analyst giving more detailed feedback to patients on analysis.
Freud says catharisis is what?
discharge of pent up emotions resulting in alleviation of symptoms.