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freud believes civil. will always be dependent on..
knowledge and capacity that men have inorder to control forces, and all regulation needed in order 2 adjust relations of men 2 one another
2 things
culture or civil. includes..
all the ways in which humans have raised themselves above other animals
above who?
regulation and motivation exist in order to..
defend civilization against individual
defend who?
one main function of civilization
effect and maintain distribution of wealth
distribute what evenly?
civilization consists of two things...
knowledge and nature plus ability 2 extract natures treasures and values, regulations, institutions, commands
many things..
civil. must employ coercion in order to..
ppl arent particulary fond of workand ppl are unable to control their passions..
both but ..
it wouldn't be golden age if..
citizens would overcome their dissatifaction with society and work cooperatively toward prosperity
overcome what 2 things..