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Moral Reasoning
a methodology to help people deal with moral dilemmas
Moral Dilemma
occurs when you are faced with value-laden problem & all the choices appear to have merit
Normative theory
Should or shouldn't
Golden Rule
honor others rights

ex) contracts, vows, friendship, family
beliefs about what is good/desireable and bad/undesireable
-change due to time & experience
-unique to each individual
projected results that might occur from any given action
Work of Art
one person's vision of human reality expressed in a particular medium and shared with others
Johann Wolfgang Goethe
-Entertainment (heart) - holds our attention
-Edification/Education (mind) - learning expressions/feelings
-Exaltation (spirit) - opening spirit/happy/spiritual level
process of using power to affect whether govt. acts on a specific matter
the ability to get people to do things they wouldn't normally do
Perceptual Screen
helps reduce mass amounts of stimuli into one whole
Modal Person
Someone you expect to find...typical person
Charismatic Person
read into people, they see things differently, have different perspectives
member of an outgroup which society assigns to a social status which is 1) undesireable or 2) otherwise involves restrictions on freedom to pursue reasonable life goals
House Negro
Masters pet - get treated better than field - loyal to their masters - good diction
Field Negro
wanted destruction, weren't loyal to their masters - hated them
State of Nature
conflict - competition, suspicious, reputation
what is put before the camera
range of colors in the image
Film Speed
rate at which it is shot
border containing mise-en-scene
Crane (moving frame)
camera pans up
Pan (moving frame)
camera pans back and forth horizontally
Dolly (moving frame)
camera follows the character
Handheld (moving frame)
amateur quality
Thomas Hobbes
establish social contract (hire a sheriff to live in peace)
John Locke
Believes in this imaginary state of nature-always achieve natural rights
-strongest makes decisions
-no judges
-said-for the sake of convenience (rights) , peeps left state of nature and entered into society
-2 thoughts - series of principles and attitudes
Emperical theory
what is
descriptive language
Political Ideology
a consistent set of values and beliefs about the proper purpose and scope of govt.
favor active role of govt in economic issues, left, strong for equality, rule by reason and equality
narrow role of govt, right, favor roles of govt when issues concern order, rule with passion and self-interest, want govt intervention with social issues
Log Cabin Myth
anyone can come up and be president
Patrick Buchanan
Jim Hightower
Edward Kennedy
-talked about inflation and high unemployment
Harry Browne
-everyone should have a gun
Political Ideology
a more or less coherent picture of 1)how the current social, economic, and political system works, 2) whether it is good/bad, 3) what should be changed if anything