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Sin of commission
the bad things we do (commit)
Sin of omission
good things we should be doing but overlook (omit)
"Original sin"
the tendency of humans to do evil
Literal: Old Testament sin meant breaking the rules and the consequence was punishment
Contextual: sin meant hurting relationships and consequence was some form of alienation
Venial sins
Lesser sins that would harm or hurt relationships
Mortal sins
Sins to a degree that can kill or destroy relationships
Literal: Nephilim - who?
Some time after flood, angels see how beautiful human women are and come down and have relations with them
Contextual: Nephilim - who?
Thought the Philistine were the Nephilim
How did the Nephilim story get into the Genesis accounts?
How does the Bible portray God's fairness and justice?
1) Announced ahead
2) Gives non-sinners a chance
3) Saved the species

But still carried out his intention to rid the world of sin.
Was the Flood Story just a story of destruction?
No, also as much a story of creation.
Flood rain - how long?
40 days/night - literal

Time of prep. - contextual
Extent of flood - what?
covered whole world - literal

Tigris/Euprates flooded - contextual
How long did Noah live?
950 years
Three sons of Noah and who descended from them
Shem - Semitic cultures
Ham - Notherm African, Phoenician,
Japheth - Indo-European, Maritime (sea-faring) people

Nimrod is in here somehow - first king
Three elements of a biblical covenant
1) words of agreement
2) sign
3) sacrifice
God's covenent with Noah - 3 parts
1) words of agreement - God will never destroy earth with flood again
2) sign - rainbow
3) sacrifice - Not sure, but seems Noah sacrificed the clean animals and birds. Notes say something about splitting an animal in half.
Sin of Ham
saw father naked - literal
viloated father in a way only God sees him - contextual
How did Noah test waters?
1) Raven - at end of 40 days
2) Dove - he came back, waits 7 days
3) Dove - came back with olive leaf, waits 7 more days
4) Dove - never came back
Ark materials?
Pitch - animal poop
Gopher wood
Ark dimensions
length - 300 cubits
width - 50 cubits
heighth - 30 cubits
Who was on ark?
8 people - Nouah, wife, 3 sons and their wives
7 pairs of each clean animal
7 pairs of each bird
1 pair of each non-clean animal

Check this
Babel - sin and consequences
Sin - they got arrogant and built a tower - literal
Sin - trying to be on God's level - contextual

Conseq. - God confused speech - lit.
Conseq - alienation of nations - Cont.

Nation from nation - racism, sexism, terrorism, suspicion