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what are the er verbs?
here they are...
what is the conjugation of er verbs?

1st person je -e nous -ons
2nd person tu -es vous -ez
3rd person il -e ils -ent
what does ajouter mean?
ajouter means to add
what does allumer mean?
allumer means to light, turn on
what does arracher mean?
arracher means to pull out
what does baigner mean?
baigner means to bathe
what does baisser mean?
baisser means to lower
what does bavarder mean?
bavarder means to chatter
what does blesser mean?
blesser means to wound or to hurt
what does briser mean?
briser means to break or to smash
what does brûler mean?
brûler means to burn
what does cacher mean?
cacher means to hide
what does casser mean?
casser means to break
what does causer mean?
causer means to chat
what does cesser mean?
cesser means to stop
what does couper mean?
couper means to cut
what does crier mean?
crier means to shout
what does déchirer mean?
déchirer means to tear
what does demeurer mean?
demeurer means to live
what does échouer mean?
échouer means to fail
what does éclater mean?
éclater means to burst
what does empêcher mean?
empêcher means to prevent
what does enseigner mean?
enseigner means to teach
what does entourer mean?
entourer means to surround
what does épouser mean?
épouser means to marry
what does éternuer mean?
éternuer means to sneeze
what does éveiller mean?
éveiller means to wake (up)
what does éviter mean?
éviter means to avoid
what does féliciter mean?
féliciter means to congratulate
what does frapper mean?
frapper means to strike, knock
what does frotter mean?
frotter means to rub
what does fumer mean?
fumer means to smoke
what does gaspiller mean?
gaspiller means to waste
what does gâter mean?
gâter means to spoil
what does gronder mean?
gronder means to scold
what does jurer mean?
jurer means to swear
what does laisser mean?
laisser means to leave, let
what does louer mean?
louer means to praise, hire, rent
what does manquer mean?
manquer means to lack, miss
what does mêler mean?
mêler means to mix
what does oser mean?
oser means to dare
what does ôter mean?
ôter means to remove, take off
what does patiner mean?
patiner means to skate
what does peigner mean?
peigner means to comb
what does pleurer mean?
pleurer means to cry
what does pousser mean?
pousser means to push, grow, utter
what does quitter mean?
quitter means to leave
what does raconter mean?
raconter means to relate, tell
what does ramasser mean?
ramasser means to pick up, collect
what does repasser mean?
repasser means to review, iron
what does réver mean?
réver means to dream
what does sauter mean?
sauter means to jump
what does siffler mean?
siffler means to whistle
what does souhaiter mean?
souhaiter means to wish
what does tâcher mean?
tâcher means to try
what does tirer mean?
tirer means to pull
what does tousser mean?
tousser means to cough
what does tremper mean?
tremper means to soak, dip
what does tromper mean?
tromper means to decieve
what does tuer mean?
tuer means to kill
what does voler mean?
voler means to fly, steal, rob
what are the ir verbs?
here they are...
what is the conjugation of ir verbs?

1st person je -is nous -issons
2nd person tu -is vous -issez
3rd person il -it ils -issent
what does agir mean?
agir means to act
what does bâtir mean?
bâtir means to build
what does bénir mean?
bénir means to bless
what does guérir mean?
guérir means to cure, heal
what does jouir (de) mean?
jouir (de) means to enjoy
what does ravir mean?
ravir means to delight
what does remplir mean?
remplir means to fill
what does réussir mean?
réussir means to succeed
what does saisir mean?
saisir means to seize
what does trahir mean?
trahir means to betray
what are the re verbs?
here they are...
what is the conjugation of re verbs?

1st person je -s nous -ons
2nd person tu -s vous -ez
3rd person il (nothing) ils -ent
what does rendre mean?
rendre means to give back, return
what does rompre mean?
rompre means to break