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to sieze, to grasp, to catch
Je saisis Present
Je saisirai Future
J'ai saisi Passé Composé
I had had

plus que parfait
J'avais eu
plus que parfait passé imparfait
We would have
She would have

Conditional tense
Nous Aurions
Elle Aurait
Conditional Passé translated means would, should could, spelling ends with future stem plus s,t short and rions, riez long
I would have had

Conditional Passé
J'aurais eu
Conditional past tense takes Aurais or Serais depending on the verb.
I will have had

Future Antérieur
Future Perfect
J'aurai eu

EG: Quand tu arriveras, il l'aura déja fait. When you arrive, he will have done it.
Describes an action that will have happened or will be finished by a specific point in the future