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lequel (pronoun)
M lequel lesquels
F laquelle lesquilles
vouloir (present)
je veux nous voulons
tu veux vous voulez
il veut ils veulent
Je voudrais (FC)
To want
I want we want
you want you want
he wants they want
I would like
vouloir (past)
je voulus nous voulumes
tu voulus vous voulutes
il voulut ils voulurent
j'avais voulu (FC)
to want
I wanted we wanted
you wanted you wanted
he wanted they wanted
I had wanted
devoir (present)
je dois nous devons
tu dois vous devez
il doit ils doivent
il devra (FC)devr-stem
ought to, must, have to, should
I must we must
you must you must
he must they must
he will have to
aller (present)
je vais nous allons
tu vas vous allez
il va ils vont
FC stem- ir
To go
I am going we are going
you are going you are going
he is going they are going
aller (past)
j'allais nous allames
tu allas vous allez
il alla ils vont
il est alle
to go, gone
I went we went
you went you went
he went they went
he has gone
alle allant
il est alle
il etait alle
il sera alle
il serait alle
gone going
he went, he has gone
he had gone
he will have gone
he would have gone