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La coiffe bretonne
haute et ornee de dentelle.
What is the usual costume for men?
A decorated pant and a blank chemise and "un gilet"
What is the regular costume for women?
A skirt and a blouse and a robe of tissure regional with un tablier.
T or F? Each region in France has its traditions?
It's been a long time since we've seen each other
Ca fait longtemps qu'on ne s'est pa vu(e)s
Im glad to see you again
Je suis content(e) de te revoir.
What's going on with you?
Qu'est-ce que tu deviens?
What's new?
Quoi de neuf?
It's been
Ca fait
Same old thing!
Toujours la meme chose!
nothing (special)
Rien (de special)
How were your vacations?
C'etait comment, tes vacances?
How were your vacations?
Ca s'est bien passe?
How was your vacations?
Comment ca s'est passe?
Did you have fun?
Tu t'es bien amuse(e)?
How cool!
C'etait chouette!
That is cool
Ca s'est tre bien passe.
I had a lot of fun
Je me suis beaucoup amuse(E)
That is not terrible
C'etait pas terrible.
Not too good/well
Pas trop bien.
I was bored
Je me suis ennuye(e)
Not very well passed
Ca ne s'est pas tres bien passe.
Did you stay here?
Est-ce que tu as reste(E) ici?
When did you go?
Quand est-ce que tu y es alle(e)?
With who did u go?
Avec qui est-ce que tu y es alle(e)?
How did u get there?
Tu es parti(e) comment?
What was the weather like?
Quel temps est-ce qu'il a fait?
Where did you stay?
Ou est-ce que tu as dormi?
...the whole time
Oui, je suis reste(e) ici tout le temps.
No i went away for...
Non, je suis parti(e)...
I went there at the beginning/end of
J'y suis alle(e) debut/fin juillet.
I went alone/with.
J'y suis alle(E) seul(e)/avec mes parents.
I went by
Je suis parti(e) en train.
The weather was...
Il a fait un temps magnifique.
It rained.
Il a plu.
In the hotel.
A l'hotel.
passe compose
you use the verb avoir for most verbs and etre only in verbs that indicate motion, a state or condition, and all reflexive verbs.
PP of Dire
PP of ecrire
PP of mettre
PP of prendre
PP of etre
PP of faire
PP of voir
PP of lire
PP of avoir
PP of boire
PP of pouvoir
PP of vouloir
Where do you find..?
Ou se trouve?
What was there to see?
Qu'est-ce qu'il y avait a voir?
What was there to do?
Qu'est ce qu'il y avait a faire?
Were there nice people?
Il y avait...des gens sympas?
How was it?
C'etait comment?
Was the weather...?
Il faisait beau/chaud?
It is found...
... se bord.
Is located
...est situee dans...
There were
Il y belles plages...des tas de choses a faire...beaucoup de jeunes.
It was perfect, better than, super
c'etait genial/mieux que /super!
The weather was...
Il faisait beau.
What is the stem of avoir and etre
av and et
What do you want to get?
Qu'est-ce que vous allez prende?
I dont know
Je ne sais pas
Everything looks tempting
Tout me tente
I cant make up my mind
Je n'arrive pas a me decider
I cant decide between ... and...
J'hesite entre
You should get...
Tu devrais prendre.
Why dont you
Pourquoi tu ne prends pas..
Have you made your selection?
Vous avez choisi?
Have you decided?
Vous avez decide?
What would you like for an appetizer?
Que voulez-vous comme entree?
And to drink?
Et comme boisson?
How do you like your...cooked
Comment desirez vous...votre viande
What kind you have?
Qu'est-ce que vous avez comme specialites?
What do you recommend?
Qu'est-ce que vous me conseillez?
What is..?
Qu'est-ce que c'est, le presskopf
Non, pas encore (respond to server)
One moment please
Un instant, s'il vous plait.
Yes, I am going to order
Oui, je vais prendre...
For the entree, i am going to take..
Comme entree, J'aimerais
Water please.
De l'eau s'il vous plait
saignant (e)
medium rare
a point
well done
bien cuit (e)
where is bouillabaisse from
Where is foi gras from?
Where are crepes from
Where is cassoulet from
Where is choucroute from?
what do you use that means the...
What means a,an, and some
un, une, some
What means some for a portion of an item.
du, de la, and de l'