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j'en suis sur, je le tiens de mon médecin
I'm sure of it, I have it from my doctor
il tient sa timidite de sa mere
he gets his shyness from his mother
voiture qui tient six personnes
car that holds six
tenir qqn par la taille
to hold someone around the waist
tenir un bon rhume
to have a stinking cold
je tiens mon homme
I've got my man
tenir tout dans un coup d'oeil
to take in everything at a glance
il en tient
he's had a nasty blow
Mlle Martin tenait le piano
Miss Martin was at the piano
tenir des propos ambigus
to speak ambiguously
tenir son serieux
to keep a straight face
tenir qn par le chantage/la pitie
to have a hold over s.o. by using blackmail/pity
cette poutre tient le plafond
that beam holds up the ceiling
mon rhume me tient a la maison
my cold is keeping me indoors
il tient son chien en laisse
he keeps his dog on a leash
il nous a tenus debout pendant deux heures
he kept us standing for two hours
Tiens les yeux fermes
Keep your eyes closed
tenir qqn captif
to keep someone prisoner
tenir qqchse en (bon) etat
to keep something in good order/condition
tenir qqn a l'oeil
to keep an eye on someone
cette visite m'a tenu longtemps
this visit kept me a long time
tenez votre guache/votre droite
keep to the left/to the right
vous tenez trop de place
you're taking up too much room/space
cette voiture tient toute la route
this car is hogging the road
worries take up too much of your life
les soucis tiennent trop de place dans ta vie
Je le tien pour habile.
I consider clever.
tenir qqchse comme etabli
to assume something
tenez cela pour fait
consider it done
la porte tient
the door won't open
elle ne pouvait tenir en place
she couldn't keep still