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1st Estate
Clergy of Roman Catholic Church;
1% of population
controls 10% of the land
2nd Estate
2% of population
controls 25% of the land
3rd Estate
Everything else
97% of population
65% of land
very few political rights; only group to pay taxes

included: bourgeoisie, urband lower class and peasant farmers
What are some problems with this system?
the 3rd Estate had very few political rights but was the only group to pay taxes.
Tennis Course Oath
3rd Estate wants their votes to be doubled and counted individually. They were then thrown out by the king. In order to fight back, the 3rd estate met at the tennis court and took an oath to stay there until they have a new constituion.
National Assembly
What the 3rd Estate called themselves during the Tennis Court Oath.
An old prison that represented everything bad
Declarations of Rights
The Natrional Assembly's view of what are mens rights... Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.
Sans- culottes
Parisian workers and small shopkeepers
Radically left political group
To kill the king
Committee of Public Safety
Protect the Revolution from its enemies.
Leader of jacobins. Also leader of C-O-P-S. 'Reign of Terror' many enemies were beheaded during his rule.
The works of David
Advertisements for the revolution
a machine that beheads
Great Fear
A wave of senseless fear that rolled through france when rumors circulated that the noblesz were hiring outlaws to terrorize peasants.
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
Revolutionary leaders used this as their slogan
The belief that people should be loyal to their nation rather than to a king or empire
A ruler who became the master of France.
Good: Set up fair tax code, set up national bank, stablilized currency, & gave state loans to buisnesses.

Bad: Battle of Trafalgar (lost), THe continental system, the pennisula war, the invasion of Russia
Legacy of FR and NB? How did it change the world?
They left equality amongst all the estates. It changed France from being a monarchy.