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Describe the "Old Regime"...
Was an Absolute Monarchy that dominated the French government befor the Revolution and it had a 3 estate system
Think 1 2 3...
What was the Bourgeoise?
French middle Class before the Revolution made up of merchants bankers and business owners
Think about barbeques...
Describe the Estates General...
Was the 3 estates of the "Old Regime" conisted of the 1st estate which was the chruch the 2nd estate which was the Nobles and the 3rd estate which was everyone else
From highest to lowest
3 reasons why the "Old Regime got into trouble... AND THE MAJOR REASON
1 Louis XIV used alot of money to glorify the monarchy
2 Louis XIV fought 2 major wars
3 Louis spent money helping us win the Revolution
MAJOR They were in debt
Old King Louis...
*shakes head*
When the 3rd estate became fed up with the way they were being treated what did they form? Give examples...
The Nation Assemebly
-issued the Declaration of the Rights of Man
-Was for the Equality of Man
-Confiscated Chruch property to pay off debt
-Created a new constitution and new government which became the Legislative Assembly
What was the Legisative Assembly?
-Constitutional Monarchy
-Created by NA
-Began war with Austria and Prussia
-Went tinto Debt again
-Was disbanded
2nd in order
Put into order..
Legislative Assembly
Reign of Terror
National Assembly
National Convention
National Assembly
Legislative Assemebly
National Convention
Reign of Terror
What happened when the National Convention was insituted?
Louis XIV was executed!
Monarchy abolished
Jacobins come into power
In War with 5 other nations
You went the wrong way Old King Louis
Who became a dictator, sentr 40,000 people to their deaths and ruled during the reign of terror?
What replaced the National Convention and describe it.
The Directory
-Oligarchy(rule of 5 diff. men)
-was very conservative because people where tired of all the bloodshed
What 3 events made Napoleon famous?
1795 - defeated rebel army
1796 - went to Northern Italy and beat the Austria army who was in the Alps
1799 - Loses to Britian but finds the Rosetta stone!
What is a coup?
Military overthrow of the government
Name 5 of Napoleons Domestic Reforms...
Created a National Bank
Made Lycees which were public schools
Chruch Concordat
Napoleonic Code
Created New class of nobles
Name the battles of the War of the 3rd Coalition that France won...
Battle of Jenna
Battle of Ulm
Battle of Austerlity
Battle of Friedland
Battle of Wagram
What were Napoleon's 3 major mistakes?
The Continental System - tried to hurt Britain economy but only hurt Frances
Peninsular War - Attempted to invaded Spain but lost badly
Invasion of Russia - Napoleon is forced to retreated due to freezing cold climate loses a lot of his men