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in what year did the Estates General meet?
The estates general met in May 5, 1789
On June 17, 1789 The third estate declared itself to be what?
The Third estate on June 5, 1789 said it was the National assembly.
When was the Tennis Court Sworn.
The Tennis Court Oath was sworn so that a constitution would be made. This happened on June 20, 1789
What form of slavery was abolished in 1789
In 1789 feudalism was abolished
When was Louis brought to Paris?
In october of 1789 the women marched on Versailles becuz they were starving and brought Louis to Paris
The Civil Constitution of the Clergy made those guys give up their land and swear loyalty to the state. In what year was this passedd
In July of 1790 the Constitution of the clergy was passed.
In what year does Louis XVI try to escape Paris?
In June 1791 Louis tries to escape paris
In what year was the Declaration of Pilnitz passed?
The Declaration of Pilnitz was sent to France in August 1791 to intimidate the rebels.
In 1792 France declares war on who?
Austria has war declared on them by france in 1792
When are the Tuleries stormed?
The tuleries is taken over by the ppl and they have Louis XVI arrested on August 10, 1792
When is France declared a Republic and by who?
France was declared a Republic by the National Convention by September 21, 1792