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danton and marat
part of the mountain - political leader and radical
maurice talleyrand
expelled during Reign of Terror - returned to serve on Directory - appointed foreign minister of Congress of Vienna
jose de san martin
national hero of Argentina who helped lead the revolutions against Spanish rule in Argentina
civil code of 1804
aka Napoleonic Code - embodied enlightenment principles but also undid reforms of French revolution
continental system
all French allies and neutrals were forbidden to trade with Great Britain
unable to be changed
national assembly
temporary rule to create constitution
artistic movement that appealed to emotion rather than reason
native Spaniard
tupac amaru
led Native Americans who claimed descent of Incan royal family - demanded end of brutal system enforcing Indian labor
person in Spanish colonies of African and European descent
person in Spanish colonies of Native American and Spanish descent
jose morelos
a mesitzo priest who wanted to improve conditions for majority of Mexicans, abolish slavery, allow all men to vote