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s'adresser à qqn
to address, speak to, be aimed a
s'en aller
to go away
s'apercevoir de qqch
to notice something
se débarrasser de qqn/qqch
to get rid of someone something
se donner la peine de faire qqch
to take the trouble of doing something
se fier à qqn/qqch
to trust someone/something
s'habituer à qqch
to get used to, accustomed to something
se méfier de qqn/qqch
to distrust/be wary of someone/something
se passer de qqch
to do without something
se perdre
to get lost
se priver de qqch
to deprive oneself of something
se rappeler qqch
to recall, remember something
se servir de qqch
to use something
se servir de qqch
to use something
se soucier de qqn/qqch
to worry, be concerned about someone/something