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What town are you from?
De quelle ville viens tu?
What is your hometown like?
Comment est ta ville d'origine?
What buildings are there in your hometown?
Quels batements y a-t-il dans ta ville d'origine?
What is your neighborhood like?
Comment est ton quartier?
What are you able to do in your neighborhood?
Qu'est-ce qu'on peut fair dans ce quartier?
What type of transportation would you recommend to go places?
Quel moyen de transport est-ce que tu recommandes pour se deplacer?
Where do you live?
Ou est-ce que tu habites?
Do you live alone or with other people?
Est-ce que tu habites seul ou avec d'autres gens?
What is your lodging like?
Comment est ton logement?
What things do you have in your room?
Quels meubles est-ce qu'il y a dans ta chambre?
What is your ideal house like?
Comment est ta maison ideale?
Where is your dream home located?
Ou est ta maison ideale?
In the mountains
a la montagne
by the ocean
a la mer
in the country
a la campagne
in the city
en ville
How many rooms are in your dream house?
Combien de salles a ta maison ideales?
What kind of furniture is in your house?
Quels meubles a ta maison ideale?
Would you want luxury things in your dream house?
Est-ce que tu voudrais des choses de luxe dans ta maison ideale?