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During which years did the French and Indian war last?
who was the french indian war involving?
New France and North America.
who had more losses? the french or the americans?
one million americans killed.
only 70,000 french killed.
Fort Duquesne
French fort, found by George Washington [who was 22 at the time]. came as a complete suprise. Washington was sent back to build Fort Neccesity right next to it. The french tatacked it, Washington had to surrender, and the French Indian war started.
What started the French Indian War?
The battle of Fort Duquesne.
General Braddock
he was also defeated at Fort Neccesity. He was the commander of the brittish army in the colonies. Military man for 45 years. He was sent to Ohio Valley to help washington.
William Pitt
sent to runthe goverment in the colonies during the war.

Got the Iroquis [indians] o rally themselves with the British.

started winning battles by usign geurilla warfare.
Ottawa chief.

Swa losses for the french as losses for the native americans.

raged war against the brittish, siezed eight british wars, and attackhed two others.

the brittish gave them blankets with small box, which made their forces much much wekaer and ended wit hthem signing a peace treaty.
Proclamation of 1763
made to prevent further problems with the indians.

colonies could not settle west of the appa;achian mountains

but they coulnt enforce this new law.

and the law ouraged colonists.
when did the Treaty of Paris take place?
what did the treaty of paris state?
brittish got all the land east of the Missippii river, including florida from spain.

french kept all the land west of the mississpi incluing new orleans and a few islands off new foundland

spain got cuba and the phillipines.