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on the other hand
..., (mais) le revers de la médaille est que...
on the other side of the coin
It makes (me) angry...
Ça fait ràler de...
Ça me fait ràler que...
When something makes you very angry (informal conversation)
A false smile
Un rire jaune
This adjective is related to the color of treachery in French.
to be left to wait around
faire le poireau
"do the leeks" - informal
to be really confused
Ne pas savoir ou donner de la tête
express confusion or stress (something to do with not knowing about the head)
Picture that literally describes entangled hair
les cheveux en bataille
dishevelled hair (hair in a battle)
regular routine
le train-train
trains are always ons schedule...
I just cannot stand it
C'est ma bête noire.
emphatically make a point against someone/something
to have stage fright
avoir le trac
to be afriad in front of the audience
a lot of
[an object] à gogo
from old French "gogue" meaning "réjouissance"
a hobby
un violon d'Ingres
Ingres, a famous painter, played his violin during his spare time.
to make no sense
n'avoir ni queue ni tête
find it difficult to understand or believe a story
de bon coeur
used to show good faith (people with good faith have good hearts)
to be surprised
rester bouche bée
to show extreme shock
to be a bore
etre rasoir
informal conversation to describe a boring person (someone who repetitively shaves is boring)
all in all
en somme
to conclude a statement
to pay for the damage
payer les pots cassés
someone must pay for the broken pots!
as different as night and day
comme le jour et la nuit
to compare two different things or persons
well dressed
tiré à quatre épingles
"pin money" - during renaissance, pins were items of luxury. Now imagine being "held by four pins"
an unusual person of a group
la brebis galeuse
the black sheep
to be penniless (entirely without money)
etre sans le sou
emphasize a person's destitution
to do as one wishes
en faire à sa tête
a person can act according to his/her own mind (head)
to have more than one thing to do
avoir du pain sur la planche
farmers used to make large quantities of bread that they stored on a board, "une plance"
to be very happy
être aux anges
as happy as being "with angels"
to be very stupid
etre bête comme ses pieds
Compare a person's barin to feet, and what do you get?
de nos jours
in our days
very bad weather
un temps de chien
weather like the dog
to lose control
perdre le nord
the compass points to a direction; if you lost the compass, which direction will you lose?
it's worth the hardship
cela vaut la peine
it's worth the pain
to spend a sleepless night
passer une nuit blanche
originally, "blancus" means "empty". What happened if you "passed an empty night"?
to feel depressed
avoir le cafard
do you feel depressed and disgusted when you see a cockroach? (le cafard)
love at first sight
un coup de foudre
a sudden thunderbolt (un foudre), just like love, catches people unaware
in the long run
à la longue
on the subject of
à propos de
to tell you the truth
à vrai dire
in other words
autrement dit
of course
bien entendu
that depends on
céla depénd de
that having said
ceci dit
The result of this is that...
De là vient que
in all my life
de toute ma vie
to give one's best
donner le meilleur de soi-même
There are no doubts that...
Il n'y a pas de doutes qu'...[subjunctive]
According to...
Selon [noun]
It goes without saying that
Il va sans dire que
in this moment
en ce moment