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Townshend Acts
Taxed glass, lead, paper, paint, tea- uses that were not produced by Americans(finished goods)
Indirect taxes( sneaky taxes)
Boston Massacre
The British troops march to Boston-"hotheads"
The Col. threw rocks and snowballs and some attacked
Suddenly the redcoats began to fire
5 -dead
Brits repeal Townshend Acts except for 3 cent on tea

Stamp Act
Raised taxes on deeds to land, marriage licenses, advertisments, cards, and newspapers.
Must get items stamped
Declaratory Act
Statement of Power!
Saying that from then on the col. had to follow rules
Col. ignored it though
Proclamation of 1763
Colonist must stay east of Applachian Mtns.
Col. become mad!(fought and died and now dont get land)
Response to Townshend Act
Sent Circular letter(no TWR)
British gov. cancelled letter
England and France begin fighting but the English WIN!
Response to Stamp Act and last result
1) wrote petitions
2) mob violence
3) Boycotted

ending up repealing it
General Wolfe attack's
He attacks Quebec=heart of New France
Sneaks up on his men up cliff at night, line them up for battle.
Pontiac's Rebellion
Indians spend $ to put rebellion down- Eng. Win!
Peace Treaty
Treaty of Paris of 1763(French are kicked of the North American mainland)
Indians become unhappy!
"Mama" and kids headed for a fight!
Col. feel grown up after winning war!
Mama looks like a pushover
England is in debt after war and needs$ by taxing
Sugar Act of 1764
Eng. is trying to tax col. for the 1st time
Raised tariffs on foreign sugar and other items
lowers tariffs on foreign molasses
crackes down on smugglers by admiralty courts( court house with a British judge,guitly till proven innocent, no jury.
Not getting rights! Taxation without Rep.
Mad Merchants mad!:(