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to help to
Aider a
to have a good time
s'amuser a
to learn to
apprendre a
to expect to
s'attendre a
to have to
avoir a
to try to
chercher a
to begin to
commencer a
to consent to
consentir a
to continue to
continuer a
to decide to
decider a
to encourage to
encourager a
to force to
forcer a
to get used to
s'habituer a
to hesitate to
hesiter a
to incite to
inciter a
to invite to
inviter a
to begin to
se mettre a
to obligate to
obliger a
to spend time
passer du temps a
to think of
penser a
to persist
persister a
to take pleasure in
se plaire a
to prepare to
se preparer a
to give up
renoncer a
to resign oneself to
se resigner a
to remain to
rester a
to succeed in
reussir a
to be useful for
servir a
to think about
songer a
to be enough to
suffire a
to insist on
tenir a
to work to
travailler a
to accept to
accepter de
to accuse of
accuser de
to finish
achever de
to stop
s'arreter de
to choose to
choisir de
to be satisfed with
se contenter de
to continue to
coninuer de
to decide to
decider de
to hurry to
se depecher de
to strive to
s'efforcer de
to prevent from
empecher de
to try to
essayer de
to be surprised at
s'etonner de
to avoid
eviter de
to congratulate on
feliciter de
to finish
finir de
to take care not to
se garder de
to deserve to
meriter de
to take care of
s'occuper de
to forget to
oublier de
to speak about
parler de
to do without
se passer de
to complain about
se plaindre de
to beg, ask to
prier de
to refuse to
refuser de
to regret
regretter de
to thank for
remercier de
to dream about
rever de
to thank for
remercier de
to dream about
rever de
to laugh at
rire de
to risk
risquer de
to remember to
se souvenir de
to try to
tacher de
to boast of
se vanter de
to have just
venir de
to order
commander de
to advise to
conseiller de
to forbid to
defendre de
to ask to
dire de
to tell to
dire de
to write to
ecrire de
to forbid to
interdire de
to offer to
offrir de
to order to
ordonner de
to allow to
permettre de
to promise to
promettre de
to propose to
proposer de
to recommend to
recommander de
to reproach
reprocher de
to suggest to
sugger de
to telephone to
telephoner de
A l'instant
at the moment, right away
a l'heure
on time
a partir de
from....on, beginning with
a temps
in time
a cote de
net to, beside
au bas de
at the bottom of
au bout de
at the end of, after
au-dessous de
below, beneath
au-dessus de
above, over
a droite
on to the right
a gauche de
on the left
au fond de
in the bottom of
au loin
in the ditance
au milieu de
in the distance
a part