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s'acheter quelque chose
to buy oneself something
avoir des boutons
to have acne
se bagarrer
to fight
se dispute
to fight orally
se casser le/la
to break one's
to move
emboutir la voiture
to wreck the car
se faire enlever les bagues
to get one's braces off
se fair mal a
to hurt one's
se faire percer les oreilles
to get one's ears pierced
se fiancer
to get engaged
perdre du poids
to lose weight
prendre des lecons de conduite
to take driving lessons
Tu savais que...?
Did you know that...?
Tu connais la derniere?
Have you heard the latest?
J'ai entendu dire que...
I've heard that...
Figure-toi que...
Can you imagine that...
Si tu avais vu...!
If you could have seen...!
Oh la la!
Oh, wow!
Qui t'a dit ca?
Who told you that?
Tell me!
Et alors?
And then?
Mon oeil!
No way!
Je n'en reviens pas.
I don't believe it.
N'importe quoi!
Yeah, right!
J'en connais une bonne.
I've got a good one.
Est-ce que to connais l'histoire de...?
Do you know the one about...?
Quelle est las difference
What's the difference between ... and ...?
Quel est le point commun entre ... et ....?
What do... and ... have in common?
C'est l'histoire d'un mec qui... et alors, il dit que... et l'autre lui repond...
It's about a guy who... so he says...and then the other one answers...
Elle est bien bonne!
That's a good one!
Elle est nulle, ta blague!
What a bad joke!