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In the very beginning of the movie what time did the alarm go off at?
6:00 am
It was in the morning
What does the sign say on Anna's door?
Parental advisory keep out of my room
It was in large letters
What is the mean girls name?
It starts with an "S"
What is the name of the guy Anna likes?
He is the one who rides the motorcycle
What movie was Jamie Lee Curtis a star in from 1991?
My girl
It was about a girl whos dad ran a funeral home, Jamie Lee Curtis an employee who's job it was to put make up on the people for their wake.
Who does Jamie Lee Curtis play?
The mom
she is a main character
What is the name of the teacher Anna despises?
He is the one with the large bald spot on his head
What is the name of the moms patient?
He is the one who is afraid she won't come back after her honeymoon
Why does Mr.Bates pick on Anna even when she awnsers her test question right?
Because the mom turned him down when he asked to go to the prom together in highschool
it has to do with the mom
What sport is Anna playing in gym when she gets hit on the head numerous times?
It uses a ball
Who's Anna played by?
Lindsey Lohan
She was in confessions of a teenage drama queen
What band does Jake invite Anna to go see?
The Hives
Starts with an "h"
What is the name of Anna's band?
Pink Slip
The first word is a color
Whats the name of Anna's mom's new book?
Through the Looking Glass
It was on the cover of the book the fiance surprised her with
Who is the band who plays at the wedding?
Pink Slip
Whats the name of Anna's brother?
Its the first name of a hit book series by J.K Rowling
Whats the name of the Chinese resturant they go to?
House of Chang
The first word starts with "H"
What is the name of the mom's Fiancé?
It's a four letter name
What color is anna's guitar?
What was the color top the mom "in anna's body" tried to get her to wear on the first day of the switch?
Why wouldn't Anna (in the mom's body)let the mom (in anna's body) drive the car when Anna went to pick up the mom from school?
she didn't have her permit
Why did Anna (in the mom's body) have trouble talking on the talk show?
because she had never read the book
What is the name of the audition Anna wants to skip her moms rehersal dinner for?
The wango tango
the words rhyme
What does the moms Fiancé try to do to gain Anna's trust?
Tells her where her door is
She had it taken away
What does the mom take away from Anna for getting detention?
Her Door
has a sign on it
What does the mom (in anna's body) trip over when stacy pulls her shirt over her head?
a bike rack
it has bars
What is the name of the store Anna (in the mom's body) goes into after being dropped off?
Pink ice
first word is a color
Whats the Fed-ex guys name?
It was on his name tag
Whats the mom's first name in the movie?
Ends in "s"
What name does anna(in the moms body) write all over her notes during her psychiatry meeting?
The guy she likes
What is the name of the woman the mom says "she doesn't need a man to complete her" over the phone?
It was also the produce womans name
What does the Chinese woman give them on a platter before the earth quake?
fortune cookies
its a food
What movie does the girl who plays Anna star in as a girl moving from new york who wants to become a star?
Confessions of a teenage drama queen
came out a little after freaky friday
Who almost gets switched at the end of the movie?
Harry and the grandpa
they were the ones arguing
What was Lindsey Lohans first movie?
Parent Trap
It was aboput two twins who didn't know their twin existed
What is the last name of Anna and her family?
starts with a "C"
What does the Fiancé do to surprise the mom?
Gets her a TV interview about her book
its BIG
When Anna (in the moms body) says Harry can walk from Anna's school how many blocks does he say it is?
20 blocks
over 10
What did Anna trade the detention teacher during detention?
A sandwich (lunch)
in the beginning of detention
What does the Anna (in the mom's body) scold a woman for doing during their therapy session?
Looking in her daughters diary
something to do with privacy
Why did Anna (in the mom's body) drop her bags while coming back from shopping?
She heard all the phones ringing
It has to do with sound
What color is the mom's car?
Not a dark color
What does Stacy do to get the mom (in anna's body) to get disqualified from the test?
holds out a note for her to read then yells that she is cheating
Has to do with a note
What does the mom (in anna's body) do to get even with Stacy?
Changes her awnsers on the test
She changes something
What time did the switch happen?
12:00 midnight
At night
What did Anna (once in her moms body) say she looked like?
The Grim Reaper
Some one to do with death
What are the two thing Anna gets done to her mom's body?
Gets her hair cut and ear peirced up top
Has to do with syalizing
What do they first try doing to get back in their own bodies?
A jolt
Is very painful
When does Anna first talk to Jake?
coliding into him from detention
at school some where
What food was Anna (in her mom's body) not allowed to eat?
french fries
a fast food