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What is Victor's home city and country?
Geneva, Switzerland
Describe in 2-3 sentences how Victor's father met his mother. (Include their names.)
Victor's father was a good friend of Beaufort, who was Caroline's father. When Beaufort died, Victor's father came to comfort Caroline and she became Victor's mother.
How did Elizabeth come to be in the family?
Victor's mother saw her being cared for by a peasant family, they were her foster parents, so Caroline offered to care for the girl.
Who is Victor's best friend?
Henry Clerval
What was Victor's favorite study?
metaphysical, or the physical secrets of the world
Give 2 examples of foreshadowing.
1. He says that misfortune taints his mind and bright visions get changed into gloomy reflections upon self. Aftertale of misery?
2. There is a miraculous change of inclination destiny had decreed my instruction.
Name the 3 philosophers Victor studied.
Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus, and Albertus Magnus
What does Victor hope his studies will allow him to accomplish?
Glory, by banishing disease from the human frame.
What was the cause of Caroline's death?
She caught Scarlet Fever from Elizabeth
Where did Victor go to study at age 18?
Who were Victor's two main professors?
M. Krempe and M. Waldman
Which professor most impacted Victor and why?
M. Waldman, he lectured the "words of fate". He believed that he possessed a natural talent.
What new area of study fascinates Victor?
electricity and galvanism
At the beginning of chapter 4, how many years had Victor been at Ingolstadt?
What question does Victor hope to fine the answer to?
When does the principle of life proceed?
What unusual place does Victor study?
In burial tombs, he studies how the human bodies decay.
What discovery does Victor make?
How to create life/ How to cause life in something that is lifeless.
What is the moral of the story?
The aquirement of too much knowledge and we will be happier not knowing
What line suggests Victor's pride?
"A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me."
How does Victor describe his contacts with friends?
He forgot about them and lost contact with them
What word describes the result of his experiment?
To what poem does Victor allude?
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Who comes to visit him at Ingolstadt?
Henry Clerval
Who is Justine Moritz?
A servant and a family friend
Of what crime was Justine accused?
William's murder
What evidence makes her appear guilty?
The locket that William had with him at the time of his disappearance
Why does Justine confess?
She thinks it will save her life
Describe Victor's feelings about William and Justine's death.
He blames himself
What is the purpose of Victor's journey?
to forget his sorrows
Who does Victor encounter?
the monster
What does the creature ask of Victor?
to listen to his tale
Who is speaking in ch. 11?
the creature
What kind of shelter does the monster fine?
a shed attached to a cottage
Who are the three people living in the cottage?
Delacey (blind), Agatha, Felix
What skill does the old man have that the creature admires?
plays the guitar
Why do the cottagers refer to the creature as the good spirit?
he secretly does their chores and provides them with things that they need
Who arrives at the cottage?
Felix's arabian girlfriend, Safie
What skills does the moster learn?
he learns to speak and read
What are the 3 books?
Paradise Lost, Plutarch's Lives, and the Sorrows of Werter
What does the creature find in the pocket of the jacket that he takes from Frankenstein?
a journal
After seeing the creature, what do the cottagers do?
move out
What does the monster do to the cottage?
burns it down
Where does the monster decide to go?
What acto fo kindness does the monster perform on the way to Geneva and how is he repaid?
He saves a woman from drowning and then is shot
What does the monster ask Victor to do?
Make him a companion
What is Victor's answer to the monster's question?
No at first, and the yes
What does Victor's faterh propose?
that Victor & Elizabeth marry
Where does Victor decide to go?
Who will travel with Victor?
Henry Clerval
Who's death is foreshadowed?
Henry Clerval
In what town and country do Henry and Victor end up?
Edinburg, Scotland, they separate here
Where does Victor go to create the woman creature?
the Orkney Islands
What does Victor do to the female he creates?
He tears it to pieces and the monster watches
What promise does the monster make to Victor?
He will be with Victor on his wedding night
What does Victor do with the remains of the female creature?
Puts them in a basket, and throws them in the sea
In what situation does Victor find himself?
He is lost at sea
Where does Victor's boat land?
the coast of Ireland
What horrible news does Victor receive when he lands in Ireland?
Henry has been murdered and Victor is accused
Who comes to see Victor in prison?
his father
What is the outcome of the trial?
Victor is found innocent