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that was the war to end all wars
one of the greatest museusems in the world. Mona Lisa and Leonardo DiVinci are some of the great masterpieces found there.
Eiffel Tower
it was built in the mid 1800's for the World's Fair
made if steek
International Disputes
the underground subway system
Type of Government
Republic, there are 5 republics
Napoleon Bonaparte
He wanted to take over the world. He invaded Russia in the winter and lost 1/6 of his army (french army) His last battle was Waterloo in Belgium
he was exciled to St. Helena to live alone
Arc de Triomphe
the monument dedicated to Napoleon's victories. They ahve the eternal flame there dedicated to the unknown soldier. There are 12 avenues leading off of the arc de triomphe
the city of light, the cultural and intellectual center of the world.
Types- Gakkiw, Rothchild
Types- Dior Chanel, Givenchy
Notre Dame Cathedral
built in the 12th century
gargoyles- stone monsters ut on top of buiolding to scare off evil
Important Alliances
US, UN, Common Wealth of Nations, NATU
NATU- North Atlantic Treaty Organization
an elite university. Jackie Kennedy went there for a little while.
Natural Resource
Natural Boundaries
English Channel, Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of lion, Bay of Biscay
Political Boundaries
Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxinberg`
The Seine River is the longest river in France. Alps along the Switzerland Border, French Alps, Mt. Blanc is the highest mountain
Strategic Resource
What are the colors of the French flag and what do they stand for?
Blue, White, and Red
Red and blue- city of Paris
White- the Burbon Kings of France
Paris' nickname
the City of Light
Palace of Versailles
Made of all gold!
the peace treaty for WWII was signed ther
Joan of Arc
She heard a voice from a higher being saying that she could lead the french army into battle. they army won! people turned on her and she was burned to the stake.
Head of State
Francis Meteron
2 branches of government
National Assembly and
Term meaning high fashion
Haute Couture
What places/things are found in the left bank?
Sorbonne, the Eiffel Tower,and metro
What places are found in the right bank?
arc de triomphe, champs-elyseés, and lovre
Sun King
The Sun king was King Louis the 14th. he loved gold. He lived in the palace of Versailles with his wife Marie Antoinette
Her last words were, "Let them eat cake!"
Palace of Versailles
Made of all gold!
the peace treaty for WWII was signed there.
the main street leading into Paris
Jocque Charoque