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The North Pole and surrounding area lies within the _________.
The ____ is the point beyond which trees cannot grow because of extreme cold.
The __ ___ or northern lights, light up the night skies in the artic area.
aurora borealis
The ______ Ocean is the smallest and coldest ocean on earth.
Arctic Ocean
_____ are large masses of ice that flow slowly over land and breaking off into icebergs.
An ___ is a piece of glacier that has broken off into the sea.
______ are tiny plants and animals that live in the Artic waters.
____ are small whales with a single spiraled tusk.
__ ___ is one of the world's largest carnivores, live on the ice of the Artic.
polar bears
______ are strange looking birds, sometimes called sea parrots because of their colorful beaks.
______ is a thick layer of fat found on animals in the Artic to keep them warm.
The ___ ___ is an important animal to the people who live near the Artic.
fur seal
People of the Artic use the fur seal for ___, ___, and __.
Food,clothing and warmth/light
______ _____ is the main source of the Northern Hemisphere's icebergs.
Western Greenland
The treeless Artic plains north of timberline is called the ____.
The _____ ____ is the coldest regions of the earth.
Frigid Zone
The tundra region of the Artic is known as the "__ __ ___ ___ ___".
"Land of the Midnight Sun"
Why is the tundra called the Land of the Midnight Sun"?
Because the sun shines all day and all night during the summer months.
_______ is permanently frozen ground.
Why are houses built on special posts in the Artic?
To keep the houses off the permafrost soil that would become marshy if it thawed out.
What are some of the plants found in the tundra?
low shrubs, mosses and lichens
_______ is two kinds of plants - fungi and algae, that grow together.
_______ are important food source in the tundra.
The __ ___ is the smallest tree in the world and the only tree that grows in the tundra.
artic willow
_____,____ ____ _____ all roam the tundra.
Musk oxen, caribou, artic wolves and artic foxes.
The __ ____ is a sea bird that migrates farther than any other bird.
arctic tern
____ is a bird a mat of short feathers on its feet to use as snowshoes.

p - tar -mig - an
The _____ is considered the North American reindeer.
______ provide a principal source of food for the Eskimos.
What do Eskimos use caribou for?
meat, soup, hides, and clothing
The ___ ___ is a member of the dog family that lives in the Artic.
artic wolf
The __ ___ is a tiny animal that travels more than a thousand miles to find food.
artic fox
One of the most important sources of food for the carnivore animals of the Artic is the ______.
A ______ is a little rodent tat is 4-5 inches long and looks like a fat, round mice.