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apprehension cued by a threat to a value
anxiety and fear are the same thing, T/F
False, same physiological response but different .
Healthy warning sign. Necessary for survival, prompts change
levels of anxiety
levels 1 (mild) (+)
level 2 (moderate)(++)
level 3 (severe)(+++)
level 4 (
level 1
perceptual field enlarged, all senses are available to you.
able to solve problems and learn
level 2
limited to tasks at hand, more focused and can complete a task, good to take a test in, tension tolerable, perceptual field decreased
level 3
only able to attend to the tasks at hand and can't problem solve.
level 4
Panic, physiological shock. Could be momentary, or not
intense and pervasive, primitive (hit)
it is important to differentiate between a level 2 and level 3, why?
If you are teaching them when they are at level 3, what good is that? You may need to ask them if you can come sit by them, and tell them when you are approaching them.
dynamics- contagian factor.
if you are around them, you get anxious yourself.
how can you talk about the environment without getting depressed.
toxic threat
positive, enhances the quality of life
nonspecific response of the body to stress.
real or imagined
local adaptation syndrome
general adaptation syndrome. Mutiple body symptoms are involved. Ex. fever, shock, infection. How your body reacts to a stress
3 phases of GAS
mobilizes our defenses
a night's sleep will not revive you, the body systems start to shut down,
What happens after resistance?
after resistance, you either recover or you go to exhaustion.
Medulla does what
Shuts down GI system, Nausea,

Everything goes up except GI and Immune. Stress hurts your immune system. Why we will get sick this winter while we're in school.