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values were thrift, sobriety, diligence, and sincerity
child is born depraved; need to outwit Satan
puritans (formative period)
need to teach respect for law and to cultivate passive acceptance of personal condition ("life is tough")
puritans (formative period)
opposed to democracy
puritans (formative)
idleness is the work of the devil
puritans (formative)
universe has a divine purpose
Latin Grammar Schools
university founded by Puritans
university founded by baptists
university founded by congregationalists
yale and Darmouth
supporter of local education and free schooling through primary grades only
the less able should be weeded out
higher ed should be available for all gifted, and states should have universities for "natural aristocracy of talent and virtue"
all americans can become "honest, useful, and enliightened citizens, understanding their own rights..."
father of the common school
horace mann
stressed temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, tranquility, chastity, and humility
founded the american philosophical society to promote philosophical discussions and exchange scientific info
ideals of the common school: literacy, hard work, diligence, virtuous living
horace mann
strive for political power; the "talented tenth"
W.E.B. DuBois
start from the bottom; become an economic asset to the south
Booker T. Washington
emphasis changed from an intellectual approach to a utilitarian, pragmatic, affective approach
grand shift
grand shift changed from what to what
intellectual to utilitarian/pragmatic/affective
emphasis on intellect; blend between traditional courses and contemporary
committee of 10
emphasis on utilitarian education
cardinal principles
swann vs. charlotte/mecklenburg board
mandatory mixing of race w/ directions
green vs. county school board
desegregation ruling
millikien vs. bradley
busing should be metro wide; including suburbs
What was Counts' philosophy?
"School is an agent of change"
counts (reconstruction)
what was parker?
a progressivist
Conant report
more electives; recommended consolidation
Moynihan report
study that black family structure was deteriorating
first coleman report
study to determine most significant facotr in achievement (1. family, 2. social class of school)
Holmes group report
said should increase standards for education programs; are considered to be inferior
second Coleman Report
compared public/private schools; private are superior
private schools are superior
2nd coleman report
studied most significant factor in achievement (family)
strong supporter of a well-rounded liberal ed for all students
author of Educational Wastelands
five main purposes of ed are: pursue truth, pass on heritage, teach subject matter, help individual reach potential, ensure survival of our country
author that omitted works by blacks and women
"what Every American Needs to Know"