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Supply and Demand
Marketing conditions that affect salaries such that pay goes down when there is a large supply of teachers and rises when supply is low and teachers are in high demand.
State government review and approval providing a teaching candidate with permission to teach.
alternative certification
Teacher certification obtained without completing a tradtional teacher-education program at a school or college of education.
competency-based teacher education
An approach that requires prospective teachers to demonstrate minimum levels of performance on specified teaching tasks in actual or simulated situations.
reflective teaching
A style of teaching that emphasizes reflective inquiry and self-awareness. Reflective teachers analyze their own teaching behavior and consider the factors that make their teaching effective and ineffective.
basic skills testing
Testing that examines preservice teachers' basic skills with respect to subjects such as reading, mathematics, and communications.
national reports
Major reports in the 1980s and 1990s that spurred reform by designating low performance of students and other problems as deficiencies in the educational system.
A Nation at Risk
A landmark national report critical of public education in the United States that resulted in raising high school graduation requirements in most states.
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.
A national nonprofit organization that works closely with state departments of education to review and evaluate teacher education programs at colleges and universities.
professional development school
An elementary or secondary school operated jointly by a school district and a teacher-training institution, stressing thoughtful analysis of teaching and learning. The participants usually include future teachers as well as practicing teachers, administrators, and teacher educators.
teacher empowerment
The process of increasing the power of teachers and their role in determining school policies and practices.