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Who wrote this book?
Margaret Peterson Haddix
What's the 2nd book of this series?
What airline did Angela DuPree work for?
Sky Trails Air
What word did Monique tell Angela never to use?
What insignia was on the side of the plane?
Tachyone Travel
At what gate did the mystery plane appear?
How many seats were on the plane?
What does Katherine call Jonas to irritate him?
What did the first letter say?
You are one of the missing.
Why didn't Jonah know anything about his birth parents?
his adoption records were sealed
What had Jonah done a report on in 2nd grade?
Different kinds of seals
What is the one commandment Moses didn't bring down from Mt. Sinai?
Tell adopted kids the truth
How old are Jonah and Chip?
What code opened the safe?
zero919 Chip's birthday
What's Chips full name?
Charles Haddingford Winston the third
What was Chip's adoption agency?
Happy Family Adoption Agency
When the boys called the phone number on the yellow post-it, what did they hear?
Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Reardon speaking.
What's Cincinnati Chili?
Chili on top of pasta
What was Jonah's adoption agency?
Hope for Children
What did the second letter say?
Beware! They're coming back to get you.
What is Daniella's ring tone?
a Fall Out Boy tune
Whose names were the last ones on the list of Survirors?
Johan Skidmore and Chip Winston
What was the only name they saw under the Witnesses list?
Angela DuPre 812 Stonehenge Court
What drink did the FBI janitor give Jonah?
Mountain Dew
How much Mountain Dew did Jonah drink at his 10th birthday party?
an entire 2-liter bottle
What game did Tetris play on her cell phone at the FBI building?
Where did Danielle live before her family moved?
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Where do the kids meet Angela DuPre?
at the Liston Public Library Room B at 3:00 on Saturday, Oct. 1
What did Angela DuPre refuse to sign for James Reardon?
a confidentiality statement
What did Angela use her disability payments for?
to do research, to study physics
Why did Angela stick around when men tried to grab them in the library?
She wanted to stick around and get some answers
What did the librarian say when Jonah ran back in?
Young man! No running in the library!
What was the title of the flyer Jonah's parents got in the mail?
Adoptees on the Cusp on Their Teen Years…a Conference for nd Their Parents
What 3 cities' adoptive families were invited to the special conference?
Liston, Clarksville, and Upper Tyson
Who told the kids at the conference that he was the caseworker at the couinty dept. of children's services?
Grant Hodge
What special instructions did Grant give the kids for their walk?
no talking
What equipment was at the cave entrance?
a hand scanner
What question did Katherine ask to distract Mr. Hodge at the entrance to the cave?
Does it have something to do with oxidation levels?
Who was Ming Reynolds?
a minor Cfhinese princess from the 4th dynasty
Who shot Mr. Hodge with a taser?
Angela DuPre 812 Stonehenge Court
What color was Angela's taser?
black and yellow
Who was the CEO of Interchronological Rescue?
Curtis Rathbone
Whome did JB tell the kids they were?
the missing children of history
Who was Angela's supervisor at Sky Trails Air?
At what gate did the plane appear and disappear?
gate 2B
What was Jonah's nickname?
What is Jonah's sister's name?
Who was once a Boy Scout?
What did the first anonymous letter say that Jonah and Chip received?
You are one of the missing
What was the list called that Jonah and Chip were on?
The Survivors List
What was the first name listed on the Witnesses List?
Angela DuPre
During what season do all of the survivors have their birthdays?
How old are the survivors?
By what mode of transportation did Katherine, Chip and Jonah use to go to the library to meet Angela DuPre?
What did Chip, Jonah and Katherine use to spy on Angela at their meeting at the public library?
mirrors and walkie talkies
Who sent a letter to Chip asking him to meet her at the public library?
Angela DuPre
How long did Angela work at Sky Trails Airlines?
1 day
How many babies were on the plane?
Why does Angela get disability checks from Sky Trails Airlines?
Her boss said she was delusional about seeing a plane disappear
What did the insignia say on the side of the plane that disappeared?
Tachyon Travel
What are tachyons?
particles that travel faster than the speed of light
Where did Angela think the 36 babies came from?
the future
What fairy tale is Jonah reminded of before he and his group are led on a hike in the woods?
The Pied Piper
What did Mr. Hodge make the kids touch before they entered the cave?
a rock
Before entering the cave, who was the only kid who did not touch the rock?
Who did JB want Angela to shoot with the taser?
What was the code to open the cave so the kids could escape?
21 ST
Who is the CEO of Interchronological Rescue?
Curtis Rathbone
Who appeared in the Interchronological Rescue commercial?
Curtis Rathbone
What is defined as any significant change caused by time travelers which then alters the present and the future?
a ripple
Who are the missing children of history?
the 36 babies on the plane
What did JB want to do with the missing children of history?
send them back in time
What did Gary and Mr. Hodge want to do with the children of history?
send them into the future
What could Angela do in the place called Outer Time?
spy on all of history
What is the paradox of doubles?
where no one can live through a particular time more than once
Who tried to grab Jonah at the library?
Who sent the anonymous letters to Jonah and Chip?
JB and Hodge
When did JB and Hodge write the anonymous letters?
in the 1990s
Who shot Katherine with a taser in the cave?
Who did Katherine pretend to be when she entered the cave?
Daniella McCarthy
Which two children of history were supposed to go to the fifteenth century?
Chip and Alex
Who were actually sent to the fifteenth century?
Chip, Alex, Katherine and Jonah
What was the name of the airline where Angela worked?
Sky Trails Air