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Yin Qiao San herbs
Jun: Jin Yin Hua
Jun: Lian Qiao
Chen: Dan Dou Chi
Zuo: jie geng
Zuo: Jing Jie
Zuo: Niu Bang Zi
Shi: Bo He
Shi: Dan Zhu Ye
Shi: Lu Gen
Shi: Gan Cao
Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San herbs
Jun: Chuan Xiong 12g
Jun: Bai Zhi 6g
Jun: Qiang Huo 6g
Chen; Xi Xin 3g
Zuo: Bo He 24g
Zuo: Jing Jie 12g
Zuo: Fang Feng 4.5g
Shi: Gan Cao 6g
Shi: Cha
Suan Zao Ren Tang herbs
Jun: Suan Zao Ren 15-18g
Chen: Fu Ling 6g
Chen: Chuan Xiong 6g
Zuo: Zhi Mu 6g
Shi; Gan Cao 3g
Gan Mai Da Zao Tang herbs
Jun: Fu Xiao Mai 9-15g
Chen: Gan Cao 9g
Zuo: Da Zao 10pc
Sang Ju Yin chief herb & function
Jun: Sang Ye & Ju Hua
Disperses wind and clears heat, stops coughing by facilitating the flow of Lung qi
Chuan Xiong relieves headache in which meridians?
Shao Yang
Jue Yin
Qing Huo relieves headache in which meridians?
Tai Yang
Bai Zhi relieves headache in which meridians?
Yang Ming
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang chief herb and function
Chai Hu & Ge Gen
Releases pathogenic influences from the muscle layer & clears interior heat
Xiang Ru San chief herb and function
Xiang Ru
Releases exterior, scatters cold, transforms damp & harmonizes middle jiao
Shen Ma Ge Gen Tang chief herb & function
Sheng Ma
Releases the muscle layer & vents rashes
Jia Jian Wei Rui Tang chief herb & function
Yu Zhu
nourishes yin, clears heat, induces sweating & releases the exterior
Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan chief herb & function
Sheng Di Huang
Enriches yin, nourishes blood, clears heat & calms the spirit
ma huang tang herbs
jun: ma huang 9g
chen: gui zhi 6g
zuo: xing ren 70pc
shi: zhi gan cao 3g
ma xing shi gan tang herbs
jun: ma huang 12g
chen: shi gao 24g
zuo: xing ren 50pc
shi: zhi gan cao 6g
gui zhi tang herbs
jun: gui zhi 9g
chen: shao yao 9g
zuo: sheng jiang 9g
zuo: da zao 12pc
shi: zhi gan cao 6g
Xiao Qing Long Tang: chief & function
ma huang & gui zhi
releases exterior,
transforms thin mucus,
warms the Lungs
directs rebellious qi down
Jia Wei Xiang Su San: chief & function
zi su ye & jing jie
promote sweating
release exterior
yin qiao san: function
disperse wind-heat
clear heat
relieves toxicity
chuan xiong cha tiao san: function
disperse wind
alleviate pain
suan zao ren tang: function
nourishes blood
clears heat
calms spirit
reduces irritability
gan mai da zao tang: function
Nourishes Heart
calms spirit
harmonizes middle jiao
zhi sau san: chief & function
zi wan, bai bu
stops cough
transforms phlegm
releases exterior
disseminates Lung qi
qing qi hua tan wan: chief & function
dan nan xing
clears heats
transforms phlegm
stops cough
directs reb. qi down
su zi jiang qi tang: chief & function
su zi
directs reb. qi down
arrests wheezing
stops cough
warms/transforms cold-phlegm
ding chuan tang: chief & function
yin xing (bai guo)
redirects/disseminates Lung qi
arrests wheezing
clears heat
transforms phlegm
Li Zhong Wan: herbs
jun: gan jiang 90g
chen: ren shen 90g
zuo: bai zhu 90g
zhi: zhi gan cao 90g
Li Zhong Wan: function
warm middle jiao
strengthen Sp & ST
Xiao Jian Zhong Tang: herbs
jun: yi tang 18-30g
jun: gui zhi 9g
chen: shao yao 18g
zuo: zhi gan cao 9g
shi: shen jiang 6g
shi: da zao 12pc
Xiao Jian Zhong Tang: function
warms & tonifies middle jiao
moderates spasmodic ab pain
Bai Hu Tang: herbs
jun: shi gao 30g
chen: zhi mu 9g
zuo: gan cao 3g
shi: jing mi 9-15g
bai hu tang: function
clears qi-level heat
drains St-fire
generates fluids
alleviates thirst
Huang Lian Jie Du Tang: herbs
jun: huang lian 9g
chen: huang qin 6g
zuo: huang bai 6g
zuo: zhi zi 6-12g
huang lian jie du tang: function
drains fire
relieves toxicity
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang: herbs
jun: Long Dan Cao 3-9g
chen: Huang Qin 6-12g
chen: Zhi Zi 6-12g
zuo: Mu Tong 3-6g
zuo: Che Qian Zi 9-15g
zuo: Ze Xie 6-12g,
zuo: Chai Hu 3-9g
zuo: Sheng Di Huang 9-15g
zuo: Dang Gui 6-12g
shi: Gan Cao 3-6g
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang: function
drains fire-excess from Lv & GB
clears & drains damp-heat from Lower jiao
Zuo Jin Wan: herbs
jun: Huang Lian 180g (15-18g) chen: Wu Zhu Yu 15-30g (2-3g)
Zuo Jin Wan: functions
clears Lv heat
directs reb. qi down
stops vomiting
Yu Nu Jian: herbs
jun: Shi Gao 15-30g
jun: Shu Di Huang 9-30g
chen: Zhi Mu 3-6g
chen: Mai Men Dong 6-9g
shi: Niu Xi 3-6g
Yu Nu Jian: function
drains heat from ST
nourishes yin
qing hao bie jia tang: chief & function
bie jia & qing hao
nourishes yin
vents heat
pu ji xiao du yin: chief & function
huang qin, huang lian
clears heat
eliminates fire toxin
disperses wind-heat
wu wei xiao du yin: chief & function
jin yin hua
clears heat
resolves toxicity
cools the blood
reduces swelling
liang ge san: chief & function
lian qiao
drains fire & unblocks bowels by clearing upper jiao & draining middle jiao
liu yi san: chief & function
hua shi
clears summer-heat
dries dampness
augments the qi
Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang: herbs
jun: Ge Gen 15-24g
chen: Huang Qin 9g
zuo: Huang Lian 6g
shi: Zhi Gan Cao 6g
Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang: function
release exterior
clears heat
da chai hu tang: chief & function
chai hu, da huang
releass & harmonizes shaoyang
drains internal clumping due to heat
wei jing tang: chief & function
wei jing
clears heat from Lungs
transforms phlegm
drives out blood stasis
discharges pus
Ma Huang Tang: indications
fever & chills (chills predom)) w/o sweating, headache, gen. body aches, wheezing, thin white tongue coat & floating tight pulse
Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang: indications
fever w. or w/o sweat, thirst, wheezing, coughing, labored breathing, nasal flaring & pain, thin wh. or yellow tongue coat & rapid pulse: floating or slippery
Gui Zhi Tang: indications
fever & chills unrelieved by sweating, headache, aversion to wind, stiff neck, nasal congestion, dry heaves, no thirst, thin/white/moist tongue coat, floating pulse: lax or frail
Xiao Qing Long Tang: indications
fever & chills (chills predom) w/o sweat, cough, wheezing, sputum: copious, wt, stringy & difficult to expect., chest oppress, body heavy & achey, moist tongue coat, floating/tight pulse
Jia Wei Xiang Su San: indications
common cold, headache & stiff neck, nasal obstruc/runny nose, body/extremity aches/pains, fever w/chills or averse to wind w/o sweat, thin/wt ton. coat, floating pulse
Yin Qiao San: indications
fever, slight chills, headache, thirst, cough, sore throat, red-tipped tongue, thin wh/yell tongue coat, floating rapid pulse
Sang Ju Yin: indications
slight fever, cough, slight thirst, thin wh tongue coat, floating rapid pulse
Sang Xing Tang herbs:
Jun: Sang Ye 3g
Chen: Zhi Zi 3g
Chen: Dan Dou Chi 3g
Jun: Xing Ren 4.5
Chen: Zhe Bei Mu 3g
Shi: Sha Shen 6g
Shi: LiPi3g
Sang Xing Tang Functions:
clears and disperses warm-dryness
Sang Xing Tang Indications:
dry, hacking cough, a thin, dry, white tongue coating, and a floating, rapid pulse.
Xing Su San chief & functions:
Xing Ren, Zi Su Ye
Gently disperses cool-dryness, disseminates the Lung Qi, and transforms congested fluids.
Xing Su San indications:
Slight headache, chills without
sweating, cough with watery sputum, stuffy nose, dry
throat, a dry, white tongue coating, and a wiry pulse.
Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang chief & function
Sang Ye, Clears dryness and moistens the lungs
Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang indications
Headache, fever, hacking cough, wheezing, dry & parched throat, dry nasal passages, sensation of fullness in the chest, hypochondriac pain, irritability, thirst, dry tongue w/t coating, and a deficient, big, rapid pulse.
Bai He Gu Jin Tang chief & functions:
Bai He, Sheng di Huang, Shu Di Huang; Nourishes yin moistens Lungs, transforms phlegm, stops coughing.
Bai He Gu Jin Tang indications;
Coughing w/ blood-streaked
sputum, wheezing, dry & sore throat, hot palms & soles, night sweats, red tongue w/ little coating, thin, rapid pulse.
Sang Xing Tang herbs
Jun: Sang Ye 3g
chen: Zhi Zi 3g
chen: Dan Dou Chi 3g
Jun: Xing Ren 4.5g
chen: Zhe Bei Mu 3g
zuo: Sha Shen 6g
zuo: Li Pi 3g
Xing Su San chief & function
xing ren & zi su ye
Function: Gently disperses cool-dryness, disseminates the Lung Qi, and transforms congested fluids.
Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang chief & function
sang ye
clears dryness & moistens Lungs
Bai He Gu Jin Tang chief & function
bai he, sheng di huang, shu di huang; Nourishes yin, moistens Lungs, transforms phlegm, and stops coughing.
Si Jun Zi Tang herbs
jun: Ren Shen 3-9g
chen: Bai Zhu 6-9g
zuo: Fu Ling 6-9g
shi: Zhi Gan Cao 3-6g
Si Jun Zi Tang functions:
Function: Tonifies the Qi and strengthens the Spleen.
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San herbs
Ren Shen 1000g
Bai Zhu 1000g
Fu Ling 1000g
Zhi Gan Cao 1000g
Shan Yao 1000g
Bai Bian Dou 750g
Lian Zi 500g –
Yi Yi Ren 500g
Sha Ren 500g
Jie Geng 500g
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San function
Augments Qi, strengthens Spleen, leaches out dampness, and stops diarrhea.
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang chief & function
huang qi; Tonifies Qi of the middle burner & raises sunken yang.
Si Wu Tang herbs
jun: Shu Di Huang 9-21g
chen: Bai Shao 9-15g
zuo: Dang Gui 9-12g
zuo: Chuan Xiong 3-6g
Si Wu Tang function
Tonifies Blood & regulates Liver
Ba Zhen Tang chief & function
ren shen & shu di huang
tonifies & augments qi & blood
Gui Pi Tang herbs:
Ren Shen 15g (3-6g)
Huang Qi 30g (9-12g)
Bai Zhu 30g (9-12g)
Fu Ling 30g (9-12g)
Suan Zao Ren 30g (9-12g) Long Yan Rou 30g (6-9g)
Mu Xiang 15g (3-6g)
Zhi Gan Cao 7.5g (3-6g)
Dang Gui 30g (6-9g)
Zhi Yuan Zhi 30g (3-6g)
Gui Pi Tang function:
Augments Qi, tonifies Blood, strengthens Spleen & nourishes Heart.
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang herbs
Huang qi 30g
Dang gui 6g
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang function:
Tonifies Qi & generates Blood.
Yu Ping Feng San herbs
Huang Qi 30g
Bai Zhu 60g
Fang Feng 60g
Yu Ping Feng San function
Augments Qi, stabilizes the exterior & stops sweating.
Sheng Mai San herbs
Ren Shen 1.5g (9-15g)
Mai Men Dong 1.5g (9-12g)
Wu Wei Zi 7 seeds (3-6g)
Sheng Mai San function
Augments Qi, generates fluids, preserves yin & stops excessive sweating.
Sang Xing Tang indications
moderate fever, headache, thirst, dry/hacking cough, red tongue wthin wt coat, floating rapid pulse
Xing Su San indications
sl. headache, chills w/o sweat, cough w/ watery sp., stuffy nose, dry throat, dry wh tongue coat, wiry pulse
Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang indications
headache, fever, hack cough, wheezing, dry parched throat, dry nose, fullness in chest, hypocon. pain, irritability, thirst, dry tongue w/o coat, def. big rapid pulse
Bai He Gu Jin Tang indications
cough w/ bloody sputum, wheezing, dry & sore throat, hot palms/soles, night sweats, red tongue w/ little coat, thin rapid pulse
Si Jun Zi Tang indications
pallid complex., low/soft voice, reduced app. loose stools & weak limbs, pale tongue body, def./frail pulse
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San indications
Loose stools/diarr, reduced app, weak limbs, weight loss, distention & stifle sensation in chest/epi, pallid/wan complex, pale tongue - wh coat, thin, mod./def pulse
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang indications
Sp/St xu with inability to raise, qi xu fever, sinking of middle jiao qi
Si Wu Tang indications
dizzy, blurred vision, lusterless complex & nails, general mus. tension, insomnia, palpitations, thin body lack strength, irreg. menses, pale tongue, thin, wiry or thin/choppy pulse
Ba Zhen Tang indications
pallid/sallow complex, palpitations w/ anxiety, reduced app. short breath, laconic speech, limb fatigue, lightheaded/vertigo, pale ton. w/ wh coat, thin/frail or large def. w/o strength pulse
Gui Pi Tang indications
forgetfulness, palpitations, insomnia, dream-dis sleep, anxiety/phobia, feverishness, withdrawal, reduced app, pallid/wan complex, pale tongue w/ thin wt coat, thin/frail pulse
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang indications
hot sense in muscles, red face, irritability, thirst for warm bev, pale tongue, flooding/large xu pulse - forceless when pressed
Yu Ping Feng San indications
averse to drafts, spont sweat, recurrent colds, shiny/pale complex, pale tong w/ wt coat, floating, def & soft pulse
Sheng Mai San indications
chron cough w/ sparse sput, short breath, spont sweat, dry mouth & tongue, pale/red tong w/ dry/thin coat, def/rapid or def/thin pulse