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A tall, slender and quick-talking 28 y-o old female looks for Tx for her warm and cold disorders secondary to her 2 abortions lately, which gets worse premenstrually and when she feels depressed. She had taken birth control pills for 5 years before she picked up a boyfriend. Sx: hot & cold without reasons, thirst, short tempor, depression, eats without gaining weight.

T: Slightly pale w/ red tip
P: Slightly rapid
Dx: Shaoyang Disoder
Tx: Harmonize, Release SY
Formula: Xiao Chai Hu Tang
49 y-o F wants help w/ chronic cholecystitis d/t cholecystolithiasis manifesting as gastric discomfort
- worse with greasy meals(distending pain with bloating and burping), bitter taste in the mouth, thirst with desire to drink cold drinks
- She has hot flushes followed by a cold sensation lately along with her irregular menstruation and mood swings

T: Yellow, thick coat w/ red tip
P: L is wiry, slippery and slightly rapid on right
Dx: Shaoyang damp-heat w/ turbid phlgem
Tx: Clear GB heat, harmonize ST, transform turbid phlegm
Formula: Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang
A middle-aged female comes in telling us that she feels cold in the fingers and toes for years, gets worse recently after learning about her husband’s affair. Each time when she talks about the husband, the coldness becomes severe. However, she has hot flushes at times, irregular menses with dark spotting.

T: Red w/ thin yellow coat
P: Wiry & slightly rapid
Dx: Yang type collapse - maybe something else
Formula: Si Ni San
A 16 y-o high schooler wants you to help her for her PMS and menstrual cramps. She also feels stressed out with her busy school plus PSAT prep.
Oops, she tells us she just broke up with her first boyfriend and is in sadness. Other sx: dream-disturbed sleep, poor appetite, and loose stools.

T: red-edged tongue w/ thin white coat
P: slightly wiry pulse with left Guan soft
Dx: LV Qi stgn, SP Qi Xu
Formula: Xiao Yao San
A 45 y-o female teacher asks for Tx for her gastric bloating since last week. She caught a flu from her students. She took huang lian su pian once three days ago. She has been suffering from a chronic gastritis for over 20 years. Other Sx: nausea, poor appetite, tiredness, diarrhea with undigested food in the stool twice.

T: Slightly flabby w/ thin white coat
P: Slightly wiry on L and slightly deep on R
Dx: SP/ST Xu w/ clumping in epigastrum
Formula: Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang