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A 32 y-o male looks for help for his stubborn constipation with abdominal pain and fullness secondary to a flu he caught 8 days ago. He also feels thirsty and hot. He has not had BM for 4 days and has a dull pain in the hepatic area. Talking to him you smell a odor of like rotten apple.

T: dry tongue with gray-yellow coating, thickening at the back
P: slippery pulse
Dx: Yangming Fu - Organ Syndrome
Tx: Vigrously purge heat accumulation
Formula: Da Cheng Qi Tang

Da Huang
Mang Xiao
Zhi Shi
Hou Po
A 51 y-o female comes in complaining of a small clump in the upper abdomen (about Ren13-14 area), worse after meals and in the evenings, better in the mornings. You learn that he has had hep B for 24 years and drunk for 37 years. He feels pain on the neck and coughs with black sticky sputum upon wakeup almost every day.

T: dry and yellow coat
P: slippery and forceful pulse, pronounced in cun sections
Dx: Clumping in the chest
Formula: Da Xian Xiong Tang
A 67 y-o male asks for help for his BM difficulty secondary to prostatectomy due prostate cancer 2 months ago. He feels stuffed up and hot, incomplete BM with great exertion every 2-3 days. He is often frustrated and has costal pain from time to time. Other sx: cold limbs, no sex drive.

T: gray thick coat w/ with distended sublingual veins
P: wiry & slow pulse
Dx: Excess Interior Cold
Formula: Da Huang Fu Zi Tang
A 38 y-o postpartum woman looks for help for her constipation beginning with the childbirth a month ago. She tells us that her hard stool is difficult to expel, often blood comes with a little feces. She feels thirsty & warm(warmer in the evenings); but hungry a lot. She still has some reddish vaginal discharge with some odor.

T: thin, slightly yellow coat tongue with little moisture
P: thready & rapid
Dx: Pi Yao Zheng - ST excess binding fluid depeleted SP
Formula: Ma Zi Ren Wan

C: Huo ma ren
D: Xing ren
D: Shao yao
A: Zhi shi
A: Hou po
A: Da huang
E: Bai mi (honey)
A 56 y-o strong-built male comes in for his distention and tightness of abdomen, with slight jaundice and GI dysfunction, scanty urine and constipation. He has been suffering form HepC for over 14 years and had ascites extraction 2 years ago. He used to be a heavy drinker.

T: Dusky w/ thick yellow coat
P: a slippery and wiry
Dx: Suspended/Congested Fluid clogging up the chest and hypochondriac area
Formula: Shi Zao Tang
A 31 y-o postgraduate student comes in with hoarse voice, fatigue, dry throat and mouth, worse in the evenings after school and TA work (this is final week); dry difficult stool, stinky gas. He has been sick for over a week-fever & chills, productive cough with green mucus, sore throat. He is too busy to take care this bug – now it becomes a monster that he has to deal with.

T: dry brown tongue coating, a dark red tongue
P: tight and slight slippery pulse that gets weaker with pressure
Dx: Heat accumulation in interior with Qi and Yin Xu
Formula: Xin Jia Huang Long Tang