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xiao chai hu tang
chai hu, huang qin, ban xia, ren shen
harmonizes shaoyang
ban xia transforms phlegm
alternating chills and fever
si ni san
chai hi, shao yao, zhi shi, zhi gan cao
harmonizes liver and spleen
kidney yang covered
spleen yang def ->cold hands and feet
chai hu shu gan san
si ni san + chen pi, chuan xiong, xiang fu
harmonizes liver and spleen
promote liver qi circulation
harmonize blood
releive pain
xiao yao san (happy pills)
chai hu, dang gui, bai shao, bai zhu, fu ling, gan cao
*regulates liver qi and tonifies spleen
nourishes blood
depression and anxiety
jia wei xiao yao san
OR dan zhi xia yao san
xiao yao san + dan pi and zhi zi
purge heat and coold heat from liver
liver qi stagnation
nourish blood and regulate menstruation
tong xie yao fang
bai zhu, bai shao, chen pi, fang feng
tonify spleen and regulate liver
diarrhea with abdominal pain
pain due to liver qi stagnation
ban xia xie xin tang
huang qin, huang lian, ban xia, gan jiang, ren shen, gan cao, da zao
cool bitter descends and purges
warm acrid opens ascends and disperses
harmonizes stomach and intestine
stomach qi disharmony manifest with epigastric fullness without pain
helps turbid qi go down and clear qi go up